I love when Sam gets weird and dgaf about pleasing her subscribers with wearable looks hahaha. I love this look!!!

The wonderful goddess Lisa Eldridge bestows on us a great video about red lips.

Goss dishes on the best full coverage foundations ever. He’s really killin it with helpful short videos lately (and by lately I really mean always).

One of the sweetest makeup vloggers on YT has done a video on BB creams for First Time Users if you’d like to check it out.

Victory Roll Hair Tutorial

How to save money on high end makeup.

jungsaemmool on YT always has wonderful tutorials on makeup on asian models. This is a particularly helpful one!

Another amaze Lisa Eldridge video. The model is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Dupes for High End Blushes. :)

do you have a youtube channel with tutorials? :)

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We don’t have an official powderdoom one dedicated strictly to makeup and beauty, but I do have my own YT channel with makeup and beauty videos on it I update randomly. Most of my makeup tutorials are for Rookie Magazine, and they are here.