I'm surprised you'd boycott F21 & not Topshop on exactly the same principles. Especially the blatant tax avoidance of their owner Phillip Green??

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I’ve never actually purchased from Topshop, I’ve been sent things to review. They didn’t ask if I buy from them, they just asked if the product was good. I’ve never been sent Forever21 products to try out and have no intention of buying from either brand myself. Ok? Can we all move on now?

Is H&M similar to F21 in their policies/ethic/etc?

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They’re not based in religion so they’ve got that going for them. They have a better sustainable program, to their credit.  I think they’re really trying. THBut I have no interest in discussing this stuff on a makeup blog. You can - and should! - do the research on the brands you buy yourself. There are many thorough case studies on the business practices of every prominent brand around. My friend Sapna @ BuzzFeed does a good job covering the fast fashion beat.  

Do you have any idea what's going on with Illamasqua's US distribution? I knew they left Sephora to become a Bloomingdale's exclusive, but now Bloomingdale's has pulled them from their website as well.

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No idea, sorry. I stopped really fan-following the brand after the Halloween blackface fiasco. I’ll ask around.

I don't want to come off as a bitch, but not everybody can afford to shop at expensive stores with clothing made exclusively in the US, or just marked up by a ridiculous amount because overseas workers are given fair wages. I do what I can by getting 80% of my clothing secondhand, but it's just not always an option for me. If I could afford to get fair wage, high quality clothing I would... But very rarely am I able to spend more than 20 dollars on any one article of clothing.

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I am completely aware of this factor of the story and have discussed it in fashion stories I’ve written, including roundtables on class and fashion. I’m not saying you have to spend a lot of money elsewhere. I just don’t shop at Forever21, and I don’t have to. They didn’t ask why everyone shouldn’t shop there. They asked why I don’t. 

Hey out of curiosity why do you boycott f21? You can answer just back to my inbox if you prefer~ I need to go find that Hourglass blush you posted a bit ago~ Looks beautiful ^^

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'cause they're a shitty brand that is a large reason sweatshops aren't dying out today. like $4 sweatshirts don't just appear out of thin air. a lot of people are getting screwed over for poorly made clothes. you know a $14 shirt roughly translates to someone getting paid $0.12 an hour for their work? yeah. not to mention they frequently steal the work of young artists. why wouldn’t i boycott? they don’t make any clothes i’m interested in, their baseline philosophy is religious and makes me uncomfortable, their business practices are totally exploitative. there’s no reason for me to touch them with a 20 foot pole.

After seeing you answer the question about the Topshop makeup brand, I wanted to ask: Do you know anything about the Forever 21 makeup brand? I've tried their nail polishes and they're pretty okay, but I was wondering if their makeup was worth looking into? Thanks!

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I don’t buy anything from Forever21 at all ever including their makeup on principle. Sorry. 

Hi, what do you think of Topshop make-up? Is it worth buying compared to actual make-up brands?

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I think it’s pretty swell actually, yes. I didn’t try their liners but their lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadow palettes have always been up to par. Their lipsticks are good, I have several in my stash. And I love the colors their cream blushes come in — the formulation isn’t bad at all.