what do you think about occ lip tars in comparison to lipsticks?i know everyone loves them but i just wanted to get an opinion i could trust. Thanks!

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I love them too, but I prefer traditional lipstick packaging more. Lipsticks don’t explode in your bag and they don’t separate after you haven’t used them for awhile. This is always a risk — practically common — when it comes to lip tars.

Have you tried Mirabella Neon Muse Mascara? Also their blue/green/grey eyeliners? I've had a hard time finding reviews - let alone swatches! - for them.

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alas i have not! and as i already have like eight colored mascaras i do not think i will pick it up. i am sorry.

What suggestions do you have for a someone with extremely dark hair who wants to dye her hair colors (like lavender)?

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go to a salon and ask them to dye your hair lavender. 

i just need to thank you for plugging the Real Techniques brush sets. i bought 2 sets on that killer ULTA sale and they are lifechanging. i also run them across my face when i'm feeling anxious to center me. all hail Real Techniques.

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I’ll tell Sam/the brush maker you said so. :) 

I have a friend who is all about glossy lids and she swears by rouge bunny rouge's eye gloss.

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oh yes i do like that brand — i wouldn’t say it lasts any longer than 8 hour cream though. i’ll revisit tho

i've been experimenting with a way to create a glossy look with eyeshadow. i really love the idea of sleek, shiny, alien-looking eyelids, but i can't find a way to make it stay in place :c so far, my favorite combination is primer, concealer, eyeshadow, and then clear lip gloss, but it doesn't last very long. i feel like this kind of look is something you might be into, so i'm wondering if you've tried it and maybe found a way to make it last a little bit?

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honestly you’re not going to find anything that’s long lasting. the glossy look you see in photos is typically done with 1. vaseline 2. elizabeth arden 8 hr cream 3. mac lipglass or something similar and none of those things will last long. i am very into this look but it’s also not a look meant to last long. 

would you possibly consider tagging asks with which staff member is answering them?

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i (arabelle) am the one answering the asks about 100% of the time. our usernames are visible when we post anything too, no? edit: oh, i guess not. in any case, i’m the one who answers asks most of the time.

Why don't you like Lush? I don't care for their products or company at all but I know people that swear by their products.

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  1. i absolutely loathe the way they treat their customers in store, they have given me panic attacks by coming up to me from behind and touching my hair etc without permission or warning on multiple occassions 
  2. i find them particularly pushy which i get is their job but also gives me anxiety 
  3. their new catalog offends me and reeks of white saviorism