What are good red lipstick shades for red heads?

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Every shade is good for redheads. I do not have patience for lipstick rules dictated by hair color. Nobody got time for that 

I am scared and searching for makeup looks that strike fear into the hearts of others. What are your power colors? What look/s make you feel like a mountain when you want to burrow underground?

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Red? The #lady vengeance looks tag is a good place to find courage.

How do you feel about Tokyo milk perfumes?

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Love them! I think I recommended them for Rookie in our last gift guides actually. 

I'm a first time buyer of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab products. I live quite far from the actual store, so I will be ordering online and i have never tried any of the fragrances irl. Right now my first choice is Hollywood Babylon. Do you have any opinion on that fragrance in particular, or any recommendations? (my favorite note is amber, and i dislike anything that smells similar to teen boy deodorant.)

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Nope, never tried it. My internet friend Sady Doyle has a perfume blog and she goes into detail on the BPAL fragrances she’s tried, if that helps you any. I personally have not used any of my BPAL fragrances for a few months now since I’m testing out the entire line of Commodity right now, and some by Killian. I also to note have never bought an entire BPAL fragrance, I only buy the imp vials and hoard them. That way I’m not committing to any bigger vial of a fragrance that ends up smelling weird on me. Imp vials are much more practical!

I don't mean this in an accusatory manner, and I hope I don't come across too much that way. But how you reconcile buying from and promoting (I'm using that term quite loosely btw) Tom Ford, a brand that has created some of the most infamously sexist and objectifying ads in the perfume industry?

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No this is a perfectly fine question, I don’t mind. I used to be totally outraged at his ads in high school and it was my Feminist Agenda to really tear them down. But that is just boring to me now. The man knows his audience — his audience likes luxury, likes smelling like money. He has the empire on unapologetic luxury and I love the smells. He’s good at what he does, and that is to push sex and glamour and dolla bills. He’s a rich gay man who knows his business. I also am okay with his ads now because I believe in the power of camp. And Tom Ford is not abusing the women in the ads like other douchebags in the fashion industry. I consider his women to be a celebration of a very specific kind of glamour and it would surprise you probably but those women are more diverse than you’d have thought given his real agenda is being a snob (he loves snobbery). 

TLDR you can like problematic things and recognize that they aren’t perfect. I also find his ads kind of revolting in a sexy way. I don’t see them as meant for heterosexual male gaze on female’s but I see them as he directs them, as a gay dude who loves glamour and bodies and money and perversity and luxury and I like that idea because I want that idea myself. I mean, the smell of Tuscan Leather? It honestly smells like a leather daddy. It smells so, so deliciously queer. It smells like money and leather and rich sugar daddies who want to worship you and let you run the world.

*kanyeshrug* There are a bagillion things I care more about than to discuss Tom Ford’s marketing genius. I mean to even discuss them is to give him free dollars. TBH. He has and consistently does sometimes bother me but it doesn’t dismiss his genius at his craft. 

that lipgloss is on sale on inglot's website right now for 50% off!

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:) it’s well worth it too. only bummer is it is heavily fragranced. 

I'm trying to place a makeup look from a runway show in the past few months, can you help? It was a really simple makeup look- thick black cat-eye eyeliner, loads of mascara, dewy skin with ballet pink blush and lips. It was a line that has their own makeup brand bc I remember all the products were from the same house as the clothes. Thanks!!

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i think you would be referring to Anna Sui, she has her own makeup collection and did a cat eye reminiscent of Twiggy a few seasons back. It’s a pretty common look but it fits your description. Pat McGrath did the makeup for that but she didn’t use Anna Sui in house products from what I can recall. 

the new OCC pencils come in a clear color, but what's the point of using an invisible liner?

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it prevents your lipstick from bleeding out and you don’t have to worry about the lip liner changing the color of the lipstick you apply over it.

Total newb question-- what's the best way to apply perfume from one of those 1 mL sample vials? Are you supposed to transfer them into an atomizer (a different one for each tester??) or just dab them or what? Thanks!

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i don’t think it’s a newbie question at all! don’t worry. 

i just dab the perfume that is on the cork part onto my wrist and then to the back of my neck most of the time. i do have spare atomizers though, for this exact occasion. there isn’t a like, to do or anything.