RE: Travel palettes-- the NYX Natural Palette and the NYX Love in Florence in any color scheme are my favorite low-cost travel makeup palettes!

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Yeah I think NYX has great affordable makeup. Thanks for the recommendation! 

(Here are links to the palettes mentioned for those who want to look into them.)

I think INGLOT has some great options too because you can customize palettes completely. I love the Freedom System a lot.

What are some of your fav travel-sized eyeshadow palettes?

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What does travel sized mean? I’m going to consider your question to mean “travel friendly” instead. And here are my answers:

  1. Naked Basics (though the Naked2Basics is out so I’ll probably swipe that up!) — it’s the size of the credit card, it’s matte, it’s neutrals. A+ 
  2. Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Palette - These are super great for travel and they’re only $20 so it’s not as horrifying if they get lost or whatever. I picked it up on recommendation from some beauty vloggers I know and I really like it! The shimmery one balances out the Naked Basics quite nicely. 
  3. Urban Decay Electric Palette - This is larger of course but it’s magnetized and hefty so I never worry about it shattering or getting damaged during travel. And I do actually travel with it, so travel-sized it is. 

I’m actually doing a roundup for Teen Vogue that you’ll like that vaguely relates to this question, it’ll be up next week. 

Just to let you know, I and a few of my friends have broken out from that Maybelline roll-on concealer & its corresponding foundation, so even though it works super well i wouldn't recommend it for teen/acne prone/sensitive skin.. I do like the Maybelline FIT concealer tho

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I would only suggest it for under eye circles anyway. The roll on applicator is idiotic. Thank you for your input! I’m sure people will take it into consideration. 

Is it okay to use witch hazel on my skin? I've heard that it's effective as a toner & helps clear up some acne, but I'm afraid to try it! What do you think?

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I used to use witch hazel and it was totally fine. It’s an astringent, it’s not going to harm you, it was initially used for treating wounds. 

Question! How can I pull off awesome, bold and bright colored lips that aren't just red? I really want to, but I am extremely intimidated by the bright colors. Thank you. :)

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Easy. You put them on your lips. That’s literally it. You just decide to wear it. Do your makeup as you would with red lips. And just. Use a different color lipstick. And the world will keep spinning. And you will have done a nice thing you were scared of. You’ve just gotta decide to do it. The world won’t stop revolving to laugh at you for trying something different. 

Hi, can you please recommend a good red mascara?? I can't find any ANYWHERE

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I don’t have any recommendations honestly, I have the Givenchy or YSL one? I can’t remember and my mascara bag is so…far…away…..It’s not worth it I think, it’s not very bold red and every other one I’ve tried sux. 

Use red eyeshadow on your lashes you’ll get the same results.

what do you think about occ lip tars in comparison to lipsticks?i know everyone loves them but i just wanted to get an opinion i could trust. Thanks!

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I love them too, but I prefer traditional lipstick packaging more. Lipsticks don’t explode in your bag and they don’t separate after you haven’t used them for awhile. This is always a risk — practically common — when it comes to lip tars.