products on blast: limecrime carousel lip gloss

we swore a long time ago that we wouldn’t feature lime crime products on PD, and we weren’t going to — until now. what we have to say isn’t great though, so it’s not like we totally went back on our word. i purchased this lipgloss in my search for the perfect purple lip color and was in short, sorely disappointed. i’ve already returned it for a refund. here’s a video of how it applies — really applies, versus the photo where it looks beautiful and like a galaxy on your lips. 

For photos of how it looks as well as a more in depth explanation, click after the jump.

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We’re starting a series called Products on Blast, where we spotlight products that we feel notable dislike for. We have a bunch of posts lined up pointing the finger at things we think you should avoid, and here’s the first one of the series! We’ll be doing regular reviews too, this tag is just going to be for those special products we’d like to burn / throw away / return / smash into a million pieces of glitter. Not that we’re bitter about them or anything. Nuh uh. 

First up? Nyx Studio Liner. Enjoy the video.