beauty blogger series: mai edition

This has been in the drafts for months, I’m just a terrible person who is unworthy of my friendship with Mai, the wonderful, helpful, adorable, kind, insert a thousand more superlatives here blogger behind Portrait of Mai. If you read makeup blogs, you’ve probably heard of her, as she’s really active in the community and has spoken up against unethical brands before. I wanted to introduce you all to her. 

  1.   How long have you been into makeup? When’d you start?   

    I recall wearing a little bit of makeup in middle school but I remember really getting into makeup when I joined the Mac_Cosmetics Livejournal community and when my sister came home with Black Tied and Deep Truth Eyeshadow to wear with her homecoming or winter formal dress.  I was extremely into MAC, I never bought a lot of it but I was an avid member of (a MAC community site) and was trading for MAC when I could.

  2. Is there one product you would consider your ‘vice’? I’m a lipstick girl myself.  

    Eyeshadows. I adore loose and pressed eyeshadows and I’m in the process of pressing my loose shadows to save space to buy more eyeshadows! (Ed Note: She has since gone on a pressing rampage, and has tons of tutorials and helpful info on her blog on how to do it yourself.)

  3. Do you have any advice for makeup newbies regarding buying makeup online? Because I feel like as beauty bloggers, a lot of us experiment with indie brands and they’re usually not sold in stores. What are some stores to avoid or lessons you’ve learned that only beauty blogging has taught you?

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