inglot lipstick 292 inglot lipstick 290 occ liptar in rx pbco lipstick in indigo bridge mac lipmix in blue


All the blue lipsticks I currently have with me in my dorm. The names are the captions, just click the photos. I would have done these photos with my DSLR but it’s dark out and I prefer natural light when I use my real camera. I have FOTD’s with Indigo Bridge and RX on powderdoom if you search for it though. (This means do not ask me, a google search or click through the tags will suffice.)

Initial thoughts:

  1. inglot 292 — is quite similar to Indigo Bridge. I think for practicalities sake I’ll probably use this formulation more because it’s in bullet form and I don’t have to fix my lipline with this. PBCO is creamier, but a heavier formulation. This one is also more blue based and doesn’t read black in any light. You can feel the slight grit that makes this a little shimmery, too.
  2. Inglot 290 is actually my favorite out of these photos? I wouldn’t think such a pale color would be so nice on me. It has some slip though, and you need several layers for true opacity. I have’nt worn this out yet for any length of time but I can tell it’s going to be very high maintenence. I think for this shade, you can replicate it using lip tars (Feather + RX) for more longevity.
  3. OCC Lip Tar in RX. The color that started it all. (Actually no, my first lipstick was actually one from Hot Topic when I was in middle school, and it was a black based blue. lol.) I mean, I love this forever.
  4. PBCO Lipstick in Indigo Bridge - I am very fond of this color, I think it’s so beautiful and creamy and pigmented.
  5. Mac Lipmix in Blue - super dark blue. I was expecting it to be a liquid like OCC Lip Tar because of the packaging, but it’s more like a cream product — not as wet or gooey (gross) as Lip Tar, and it applies drier on your lips. It settled into my lip lines and looked gross (perhaps because of the incessant rubbing from these swatches though) so I put some clear MAC Lipglass on it for some shine. It is I would say, kind of a dark navy, and requires more blending than Lip Tar. They are noticably different formulations. I prefer lip tar, but if that feathers for you you might prefer Lip Mix. I haven’t seen this color in sunlight yet so I can’t say 100% it’s a perfect dupe of RX.

I noticed you post about Lip Tar, so maybe you can help me with this: on the packaging, it says to first apply a Lip Tar Primer, but I cannot find this supposed Primer anywhere! Not Sephora or OCC's official website or anyplace! I was wondering, do you think it is totally necessary to use it? and if so, do you have any idea where to find it?

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No, I have never used Lip Tar Primer in my life and I probably never will. They just want you to buy extra product. Don’t bother. 

hey there dear arabelle, i ordered my first OCC lip tar bc of you (you could srsly be a spokesperson or something) & i looove the color (hoochie) but was wondering if you had any personal tips for the most effective application? for example, do you think that the 'clear' lip tar is necessary? thank you so much :)

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Ahhh, dreams, imagine if I could work with them?! I know just what lip tar I’d make. <3 ___ <3 

Anyway, I typically just apply with a qtip. I have pretty plump lips, so I don’t really even have to use it but it is super effective. I have been testing out some lip brushes though and I think using a lip brush would be best if you normally have difficulty getting an even lipstick application. I’ve used a q-tip for years though and it’s fine. 

I don’t think the clear lip tar is necessary. At all. Like, what’s the point? To prime? Why do you need to prime when the lip tars are all so pigmented anyway? Just cause it’s a new product doesn’t mean it’s now necessary to your stash. If you need a sheer color, fine, but then, the whole point of the lip tars is for pigmented color…. why would you wanna sheer them out? That’s just me though. 

OCC Lip Tar - Hoochie CoverGirl Divine Inglot Lipstick in 65 occ, cg, then inglot


We recently had a few questions on the best purple lippie out there, so I thought I’d share some more of my purples. I have already found my dream purple — worn and swatched here — but I have purchased several on the way to find it, these 3 being the main contenders. 

  • OCC Liptar in Hoochie ($14) - I love this product, it’s going to be my main haul at IMATS. They just released a darker purple which I’m definitely going to buy. I like this, it’s just not practical to swipe on, you need a brush or qtip. Mix with the black lip tar for a darker purple or a lighter one for a paler one. Great purchase imo. 
  • CoverGirl Divine ($6) - I love CG lipsticks, this one isn’t great though and I’d skip it. It tends to seperate weirdly on my lips. Color doesn’t spread evenly, it’s high maintenance. The other colors I’ve tried from CG are nice though. 
  • Inglot Lipstick in 65 - ($10???) Impulse rage purchase because the lipstick I wanted at Sephora was sold out (for the 6th time or something). I just went into Inglot and make puppy eyes at the SA and he soothed my makeup pains and led me to this. After wearing it a few times I wish I didn’t buy it, cause it is so SO sheer and separates in like .22424 seconds though it looks nice in these photos, it’s not something I’d recommend. You can even see it seperating in the last photo with the swatches! Blah. INGLOT makes better eyeshadow than lipstick I guess. 

The purple lipstick questions never cease, so I’m bringing back this swatch post. I have a few more colors now but this is still a good reference. 

Ohai PD! <3 As requested, here are swatches of the OCC Lip Tars in Vintage (deep burgundy) and Strumpet (seedless grape red).

The lip tars retail from Sephora at 16 dollars each, and they are worth every penny. I was hoping that Vintage would show up more burgundy on me, but when I apply it on the lips, it turns into red. a gorgeous red *_* That’s about it. These are great please purchase them.