Hi! I have a lot of trouble wearing bright lipstick. My lips are pretty small, and I always find that wearing vibrant lipstick makes them look even smaller. Do you have any tips on how to avoid this?? (I really want to be able to wear blue and black lipstick)

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Even if you have big lips (like me) blue and black will make your lips look smaller in relation to your face, however, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing it. Lisa Eldridge has a video on how to make thin lips bigger though, you could apply her tips to any lip color. 

I’m planning my makeup/hair situation for my next party (which is prom themed) around this amazing tuxedo, and I’m really, really into this eye makeup. I have a little folder / moodboard dedicated to my makeup ideas, I’ll post it (and my final look) when I finally decide. 

Another amaze Lisa Eldridge video. The model is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Lisa Eldridge talks about her favorite foundations and concealers for super pale skin (lighter than MAC NC/NW 15). 

Some of you have asked about the proper way to remove makeup, and I instantly remembered Lisa Eldridge’s video on how she removes her makeup. When in doubt, remember this: What Would Lisa Eldridge Do? 

An upcoming series on our favorite makeup removers & techniques will be up soon! I’ll be busy with fashion week things at the moment but it should be up…..in like a week or so.