I have a serious soft spot for dark, vampy colours and recently decided I want to get Nars lip pencil in Train Bleu, but it seems to be sold out at sephora (both in store and online) and I was wondering whether there could be a dupe for that same colour? Otherwise, do you know any other really good dark burgundy/purple-y colours? I already own Cyber, Soulfully Rich and Media by Mac. Thank you so much!

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Try MAC Smoked Purple. Here’s a swatch of that. They’re quite similar. 

Do you know of a good lipstick/stain that can make it through a date without transferring itself to my boyfriend's face? Because I love lipstick, and he loves when I wear it, but I haven't yet found one that stays put. I don't need it to last the whole night, just through dinner and a movie!

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Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge will last any makeout session plus a three course meal. I speak from experience. 

Giveaway time! I have a few extra’s of Urban Decay’s Revolutionary Lipstick shades so I thought I would share the love. I’m giving away Anarchy and 69, along with their matching lipliners, to one winner. USA entrants only, sorry, I’m not payin’ for international shipping!
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Giveaway time! I have a few extra’s of Urban Decay’s Revolutionary Lipstick shades so I thought I would share the love. I’m giving away Anarchy and 69, along with their matching lipliners, to one winner. USA entrants only, sorry, I’m not payin’ for international shipping!

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All of the above are mandatory. If you have not done all of the above, you will not be qualified and will not win anything. Also if you reblog multiple times you will be disqualified. Basically just follow the rules and you’ll be fine. This giveaway will end 10/16 at 11:59PM EST. 

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hi! so i'm looking for makeup for back to school and really need a good black lipstick. i'm a student with a limited budget so basically i can't spend more than 15 dollars on a tube of lipstick. any recommendations for black lipsticks that aren't from hot topic or lime crime? thanks!

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Where are you based? In the UK, you can get a nice black lipstick at Superdrug for less than $15 US, I got a tube while I was visiting. But you would be hard pressed to find a good black lipstick in drugstores in person for any price in the US. Off brand dollar store black lipsticks are pretty easy to find but are pretty crap. There are deep, deep purples and reds available by Revon etc but they aren’t black. Most good ones are mid-range or online. Here are some options you might be into, though:

  • NYX Round Lipstick in Penelope ($4) - I think NYX makes pretty good lipsticks esp at the pricepoint, they are a lightweight (fragranced) formulation. NYX has a slippery formula, though, so for something so dark, it’s imperative you line your lips with a black eyeliner or something beforehand. 
  • Portland Black Lipstick Company Black Lipstick ($10) - This is probably your best bet — shipping is super, super reasonable and you’ll come out under budget. I have a few PBCO lipsticks, I really like them, though I hate the packaging. Here is a photo of me wearing this specific lipstick, actually. 

Those are my recommendations at your price point. If you want to spend a little more and get your product immediately, MUFE has a nice black lipstick (though I think their Lab Shine Lip Gloss in black is THE BOMB DOT COM) and OCC of course has a perfectly pigmented black — but it is not very practical to carry around in between classes because of how you need to apply it. If it exploded in your backpack (the packaging is just a plastic tube, this is not that uncommon), you’d be totally screwed. 

Hope that helps

Lip products are my raison d’être, they’re the easiest way of pulling together my hair to the rest of my aesthetic and the infinite variations make me very happy! These aren’t new to my stash, but they are products I’ve never gotten around to doing lip swatches for, so I thought I would. These range from indie cosmetics at a super affordable price point (think, <$4) to mid-range and high end. Please excuse my greasy hair and lack of filled in brows, I just came in from the rain and have been busy preparing for a super busy month. Some things I just forget. 

  1. Geek Chic Cosmetics Lipstick in KAOS — $5.99 — This gluten free, vegan, cruelty free independent lippie is the most creamy out of the bunch. I’d venture to say it was too creamy. In fact, it was not even really hardened properly because of the heat here, so I used a lip brush. You can see it’s still uneven despite my tries, but it’s still very beautiful.  I would suggest using a purple or grey eyeliner underneath it for a more even and dimensional application. It’s worth trying out, it’s very unique and affordable.
  2. KAOIR Lipstick in Jamaica — $16.99 — Gluten and cruelty free. This is a very smooth, moisturizing application, but you should not apply lip balm beforehand or it just has too much slip and looks terrible. It’s a nice color, I think. You do need several layers to reach full opacity but it’s nice though I would say it wears on the quicker side. Try to use a green eyeliner (or lipliner) underneath. 
  3. Geek Chic Cosmetics Lipstick in Hipster Ariel — $5.99 — Gluten and cruelty free and vegan as GCC is known for. Mmmmm…. not a huge fan of this. Looks chalky on the lips and it’s too creamy and spotty to work with. I think the formula could do without some of the moisturizing oils like Jojoba or something because it’s probably why these haven’t lasted the heat wave as well as the other lipsticks. It’s a nice color, and I’ll put this in the freezer for a bit and revisit it. 
  4. Geek Chic Cosmetics Geek Gloss in Banished — $4.99 — I really love this gloss, it’s very beautiful, though it’s not perfect. You want to use this with a lip primer (I have not) and I hate twist up lip gloss packaging. I TRULY, TRULY loathe it. The packaging on this broke after three uses and now it doesn’t twist up. I applied this using a qtip from the broken packaging. Gluten and cruelty free, vegan.
  5. Inglot Pacific Blue Lipstick in 290 — $12 — I have another lipstick from this collection too, damn! Forgot to swatch it. Anyway, I like this one more. It’s the most enjoyable to wear out of all of these, I’d say. It’s creamy, pigmented, only required 2 swipes, minimal touchups, didn’t slip, and is pretty affordable. INGLOT doesn’t publicize their cruelty free stance so I’m unsure.  
  6. Illamasqua Lipstick in Apocalips — $26 — I haven’t worn my now probably infamous collection of Illamasqua lipsticks for awhile, they’re just a lil bit more drying than I’m here for in the summer. Illamasqua has one of the dryest, but most pigmented, lines of lipsticks I’ve ever tried. This will stay on forever. You want to mooisturize thoroughly beforehand, but primer isn’t necessary. Goes on opaque with one swipe. 
  7. MAC Lipmix — $15 — I know some people think this is a dupe or comparable product to OCC Lip Tars since they are both in tubes, but you’d be wrong. The formulations are completely different. This is a creamier product to Lip Tars liquid, and goes on dry and stays dry while Lip Tar goes on liquid and dries matte. I prefer Lip Tars, but they also cause a lot of people problems with bleeding out through your liplines, or separating in the tube (just shake it up a lot). That doesn’t happen with this product because it’s simply much more of a thick cream that you need to paint on. Super pigmented, 100% opaque on first brush stroke.  

Alright, there you have it! There are plenty of other interesting lip color swatches and reviews in the lipstick & swatches tags if you check ‘em out. Hope this was helpful. 

Full Disclosure: All of these products were purchased by me or were gifts from Chi-Chi! Thank you my dear. 

Trying to think up unique content for PD using products I already have — shopping my closet, if you will. So I thought I’d introduce a new series— PD Favorites. Every so often, I’ll go through everything I own or have sampled from a brand and introduce you to them. I’m starting with Urban Decay because they were the first makeup brand I purchased from, and I have most of their products. I also have a lot of favorites! And I’ve visited their headquarters, which is beautiful. 

  • Urban Decay Eye Primer ($20) - I feel like this is probably in the makeup stash of any makeup fanatic at one point or another, and with good reason! It’s fantastic. Specifically: it’s a good primer for my eyelids. If you have oily eyelids, not so much, there are others out there. I’ve gone through many genie bottles of this stuff. 
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Chopper and SWF ($18) - I’ve swatched these both here (and many more of UD’s singles. I dunno, whenever I want a subtle, pretty eye makeup look, I turn to these. I feel like they are very versatile and flattering on all skintones, are buildable, smooth, etc. Out of all their shadows, I like these the best to balance out a pop of color. 
  • Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Crush and Punch Drunk ($19) - When these came out, I literally wore these two colors to work like, every day for months. That’s a big deal for me because I will happily wear a different lipstick every day for months and have no loyalty at all. Moisturizing, super pigmented, glossy. They’re always in my makeup bag.
  • Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69 and Anarchy ($22) - I reviewed them recently here, not much to add to that. I think these are my favorite lipsticks I’ve tried in months if not a year or so. I am a LIPSTICK FREAK and have many favorites, so that’s saying a lot. 
  • Urban Decay Palettes in Fun, Naked Basics, and 15th Anniversary ($36, $27, N/A because L/E) - I’ve got many of their palettes, these are my favorite. I like them for different reasons: fun has a perfect blend of colors to me that I can mix and match for colorful looks and it’s super cute, NAKED Basics is my favorite neutral everyday palette and I use it pretty much constantly, and the 15th Anniversary Palette is both eye candy, and a great palette to keep in my dorm and to leave the rest of my palettes at home, since it has a BUNCH of different colors and it’s own mirror. Most people who like UD probably have a Naked Palette, I think, and I have them, but I prefer matte finish eyeshadows so this particular palette was always going to be my favorite and it was worth the wait for me personally. I do wish they had it in more shades (I.E for a larger range of skintones) though. 
  • Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush ($25) - I dunno what it is about this brush but it makes even powder instantly like, full coverage and blend in my makeup perfectly. It’s the best brush I’ve used for buffing in my makeup and it’s super soft, gorgeous (I like my makeup brushes to have some heft in them) and feels really luxurious. Now, I have brushes across all price points, but this is my favorite out of all of them. 

There you have it! I hope, if you’ve been curious as to which products to try out from this particular brand, that you have more of an idea now. let me know if you have any questions. To clarify, this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m not getting paid to push these products, though some of them were sent to me to try out. They are my genuine favorites and I hope if you try them out yourself you’ll fall in love with them as well!

dude thank you much! (: would you say any of the several UD lipsticks you swatched the other day were closer?

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As a matter of fact, Jilted is also a fuschia violet, so I’d say that is a comparable color, if not it’s sister. I wouldn’t say it’s a DUPE though because the formulations are completely different and Jilted is a lot shinier and has more sparkle. It requires two swipes for full coverage also whereas Atomic doesn’t. Here they are side by side. 


hello! i was wondering whether the urban decay anarchy lipstick resemble iillamasqua's atomizer lipstick at all.

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Hello hello! You mean Atomic? I think you do. Lucky for you I have both in front of me in my makeup towers, so I did a quick swatch of them side by side for you to see for yourself. The Urban Decay lipstick is smoother and has a more silky and shiny finish and is more moisturizing, while the Illamasqua one is as you can see more matte and is a harder formulation. I’d say Anarchy is more hot pink, too. They don’t really look the same at all to me. 


Hope that helped!