Darling Arabelle, any recs for a leave-in conditioner?

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  1. My favorite one has been from the Yes To line, mine for years has been the Yes to Cucumbers one but it’s been reformulated into the Yes to Carrots line, and now it has Argan Oil. Here ya go. 
  2. Aussie Leave-in Conditioner $3.19 - Most affordable one. 3-Minute Miracle is a great hair mask also. 
  3. Bumble & Bumble Leave-in Conditioner is so so popular for good reason — it’s moisturizing, light-weight, and smells great. 

Since my hair is freshly cut and pretty healthy since I’m growing it out, I have stopped really using leave-in’s and have used only hair serums on the ends. Right now I’m using the John Freida one. Hope that helps! 

Top Choices for Color-Treated Hair

My hair gets a lot of questions and compliments so I thought I’d share what my routine has been for the last year and a half. Although I’m a beauty blogger I don’t really buy things constantly to mix things up when it comes to my hair — it’s my baby and I only use what works, and I definitely pamper it. I don’t test things out very often hair wise because so many things can go wrong and I’m too neurotic to be dealing with a hair disaster in the name of a beauty review. So I’ve been using all of these products for minimum six months, going on two+ years, and I stand by them 100%.

Honorable mentions:

I look primarily for products that are sulfate free because I find that they work best for my hair. Besides the L’Oreal one, I’ve also been using this Pure Essentials Shampoo for a few months now. It’s formulated for sensitive scalps, has a skin neutral pH, no fragrance, and it’s cruelty free. Some reviews say it’s drying without the conditioner, I’ve never experienced this because I use it in conjunction with a deep conditioner, but my scalp sometimes gets itchy if I apply it directly onto my scalp and not the middle of my hair. Just a note. I think it’s a good shampoo though. 

I didn’t include this in the roundup because I’ve only been using it for like a month or so and it’s harder to get but I’m OBSESSED with this SKINFOOD Argan Oil Hair Mask. Argan oil is great for your hair and skin. I used this on freshly bleached (and basically fried) hair and my hair has honestly never felt lighter or softer. 

D.I.Y Skincare from Your Kitchen

Masks, scrubs — they can add up to a lot of money. If you don’t want to fork over the cash it’s ok, you can still use these products you most likely have around your house. 

  • Sugar - Unrefined sugar is the best imo. Add olive oil and you have a face scrub and/or lip scrub. 
  • Yogurt - Plain vanilla yogurt! So moisturizing and wonderful for dry, dehydrated skin. You can mix this with lemon juice, aspirin, avocado, etc for great mask for acne prone, dry, sensitive skin. 
  • Lemon Juice - Like I said above, you can mix it with yogurt, or you can also whiten your yellow nails by soaking them in some lemon juice for a few minutes. It also fades acne scars and can be used as a toner.
  • Olive Oil - can be used as makeup remover, as moisturizer, or a hair mask. 
  • Avocado - mash it up and make a conditioner, moisturizer, or face mask.
  • Coconut Oil - good for your hair and face. Basically bathe yourself in it.
  • Aspirin - I know this isn’t really in your kitchen, but you probably have it around. Make sure it’s uncoated aspiring. If you mix a few tablets with a drop or two of water, it makes a great acne treatment.
  • Rosewater -a really good, non-drying toner.
  • Oatmeal - makes for a great face mask. 
  • Baking Soda - for whitening teeth.
  • Egg Whites rub ‘em on and let ‘em dry, they’ll firm your skin up and minimize your pores.

What have I missed? Leave an ask or reply/reblog and we can make this list even more expansive!

10 Hair Masks You Need to Know About

I’m a hair mask hoarder,  and with good reason: I have super dyed purple hair (more on that at my hair post) and it’s absolutely necessary to condition it regularly. When I had virgin hair, I was pretty low key with my routine — it was a Big Deal if I bothered to condition it, I basically just shampooed it and brushed it and was set for life. But, things change, and these are the hair masks I’ve tried and loved in my time.

  1. Organic Jojoba Oil: There are several oils that are great for your hair and a lot of hair masks — especially the pricier ones — are just combinations of them (the Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Mask is just jojoba and argan oil combined, along with a few more oils). Save yourself money and just buy generic. You can combine them with other natural ingredients for infinite possibilities.
  2. Aussie Three Minute Miracle: there are multiple formulations of this mask, and I have them all. There is a minor difference to the formulations, one is moisturizing and the other is smoothing. I prefer the moisturizing as I think Neutrogena does a better smoothing deep conditioner that is in the same price range. This is a popular hair mask for a reason, and I like the packaging. Plus it’s probably the cheapest in this collection: $3. Holler.
  3. Macadamia Oil Conditioner Deep Repair Mask: This is somewhat pricey depending on the size you buy, but it does last forever if you get a jar size and it’s lovely. Personally, I find that it’s only marginally better than Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Hair Mask (listed below) but I like the smell better. If you’re unsure about committing to a huge jar of this than buy a sample size, it lasts several days.
  4. Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Nourishing Mask: I have a lot of faith in B&B products and the people who work for B&B, every time someone from there cuts or even trims my hair at photoshoots my hair looks AMAZING and their products have never failed me. If you have curly hair, this is great for you. 
  5. It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask: Another brand that I have faith in, this lives up to the hype (as do every other product I’ve tested from them) and even the two or three times I’ve used this product, it’s totally transformed my hair. I’m stalling buying this just because I have plenty of hair masks to get me by, but once one is gone — this is what I’m getting.
  6. Ojon Dry Recovery Intensive Hydrating 2 Minute Hair Mask: formulated without parabens, dyes, pthalates (this is a BIG DEAL), and more, I’ve got lots of love for this hair mask because it actually works wonderfully. You may not like the smell however, and at $30 it is pretty pricey.
  7. Argan Oil: Argan oil is amazing for your body, not just your hair but your nails and skin. You could opt to buy the more pricy Josie Maran alternative, which is more than double the price of this generic stuff, or you could save that money for something better.
  8. Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask: The Moroccan Oil product line is very hyped up, and you can either be super obsessed with it or think it’s a rip off. The times I’ve used this mask (which can be counted on one hand, because I would rather drop dough on drugstore alternatives) I’ve been really impressed by it and it smells wonderfully. Also, the jar is huge and it will last you like, forever.
  9. Kerastase Masquintence Hair Thick Mask: Undoubtedly the priciest of the bunch (Kerastase products tend to be $$$), it’s actually like, frikking amazing. Insert a lot of joyful superlatives here. As a hair model I’ve been blessed with sample jars of this stuff a few times and have had it used on my hair and my hair never felt better. Honestly, I’m so impressed with Kerastase products even if the price tag BLOWS. If you’re going to splurge on any hair line, Kerastase is the one you should go for.
  10. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hydrating Hair Mask: This is probably my favorite hair mask from the drugstore. I don’t really like the product line other than this mask though. It’s a wonderfully hydrating hair mask that smells wonderful and definitely does it’s job. My hair feels hydrated and not brittle or oily for days. I’m actually on my second jar.