Hey I was wondering if you could post some places that sell foundation for people with darker skin tones than the selections at most convenience stores. Most stores only go into beiges with maybe one or two shades of deeper browns. Thanks!

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Sure! I am including some drugstore brands too because you might not have seen them in your stores but they are definitely online. Here you are: 

Thats off the top of my head…..if any dark girls want to chime in with their favorites I will add them to this post! 

Hi! can you recommend any yellow-toned foundations? I have a Lorac foundation right now and it's way too pink toned and quite light on me. I'm Filipina btw if that helps! thank you soooo much! :,)

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What's your favourite foundations?

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My personal favorites, and I have dry to combination:

Really love Shiseido’s Sheer & Perfect — it’s what I”m wearing in this selfie. My skin looks super luminous and glowy with it on, I’m obsessed. It’s very light, which is ideal for the hellhole weather NYC is experiencing right now. I’m running from show to show for NYFW and I have to blot my face constantly, but I still actually look great because this foundation cancels out my redness and makes me look hydrated even tho I feel sweaty and gross.

I think Tom Ford’s Stick foundation is great too for full coverage. My skin is more on the dry side so flaking is always a problem but never an issue with TF. When I am totally wrecked, I use this, and it is transformative.

I’m also a fan of Revlon’s Nearly Naked — it’s nice for dry skin, though if you’re really dry you’ll want to mix a bit of moisturizer into it, you’ll see better results. It’s nice and buildable, too. 

For oily skin:

Clarins Ever Matte Oil Free Foundation - One of my friends who is also a beauty editor has v oily skin and they swear by this. I’ve never actually seen them without makeup and they always look better than me soooooooo. 

Drugstore option would be the Revlon Colorstay. Decent color range, too. Or No7 Stay Matte, which comes in good colors for darker skintones. 

As you may have noticed I try things for weeks if not months before I say anything about them and usually get things weeks before they go on the market. I do not have any obligations or sponsorships with brands or even answer to magazine advertisers so I am 100% not shitting you when I say something sucks or something rules, even if they are given to me for free or whatever. Ok now that that disclaimer is aside, here is what is currently #NEW #FRESH #TRENDY at Sephora that live up to the hype. I just skimmed the “Just Arrived” section and have had all of these for months now so you can skip the hype or blog reviews. Here is the scoop. 

  1. This Bite Lipstick tastes amazing. It’s also hella moisturizing and safe (free of all the junk of parabens etc blah blah blah), mostly I love it because it tastes SO GOOD? Like the most delicious cherry lipbalm or something? I actually put it on when I’m hungry sometimes just for the flavor. It’s gluten free also, whoohoo.
  2. Bobbi Brown stick foundation is the wave if you have a lot of scarring or acne. It is hella heavy duty. Technically it’s not new, just repackaged, I believe. Maybe minor adjustments to the formulation, it’s just as good as it ever was. You can use this as a concealer (probably wisest, you don’t need heavy duty coverage 100% of the time everywhere, even with bad skin). But yes. One of the best foundations out there. Comes in a good color range too. They just expanded it into darker colors. 
  3. Margiela’s new fragrances are the only thing I stan for in regards to the brand besides Tabis. I like how sweet they are and the packaging is beautiful and the smell lasts a long time. 
  4. Urban Decay Electric Palette - I feel like this was made just for me. When I saw the press release it took me all about 2 seconds to call them up and beg for them to send me one to try out “for the readers”. SO PIGMENTED. I’ve been using it almost every day! I LOVE IT. SO MUCH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. There’s not a dud in this. actually I don’t like the silver that much but the blue more than makes up for it. Best blue ever. Like, forreal. You know the Nars blue everyone loves but is disappointed by? This is that blue, but better. Sorry NARS, I love your concealers a lot tho.

- Arabelle

pssst if u have dry sensitive skin try revlon’s nearly naked i am using it over bb cream right now and it’s a revelation. a true revelation. if u have eczema or super super dry skin i still suggest dr. jart water fuse over this product but if u just have dry skin revlon nearly naked is the business. it’s very lightweight but buildable coverage and i am v impressed. and i am so rarely impressed by foundations. like it is making me believe in foundation again. this is a big deal 

I want to get a non-drugstore foundation and concealer soon, and I was wondering if you had any you thought were good?

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It depends on your skin type and the coverage you want. I am fond of Koh Gen Do foundation, NARS Sheer Glow, Bobbi Brown foundations, and MAC Face & Body. They all offer different finishes and coverage and work for different skin types. I don’t wear foundation very often (bb cream 5ever) but when I’m doing makeup for shoots I pack those. 

For concealers, I pretty much only use Dermablend Quick Fix for my blemishes. I have for years, I must be on my sixth tube. Eve Pearl salmon concealer on my eyebags. Though I do like Tarte’s Amazonian Clay concealer well enough, and MUFE’s concealers are hefty — I just prefer the stick and cream texture of Dermablends over the tube of MUFE. 

what are some really good foundations for oily skin?

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I’ll give you a couple options for good foundations in the hopes that you can find a color match: Lancome Teint Idole 24H, Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + (I recommend this only for the oiliest of skin, because this foundation is the driest I’ve ever tried), Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation, NARS Sheer Matte Foundation and my personal favorite if you can find a color match, Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free.

Hopefully one of these works for you! All of these can be purchased at Sephora and various other retailers. 

Best foundations for dry skin?

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Hands down, Bobbi Brown does them best. Particularly Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, and the Tinted Moisturizing Balm (which is online only, I’m afraid, and has a horrrible range of colors). I don’t wear foundation often at all, not even to industry events really….maybe like six times a year? And whenever I do, it’s always Bobbi Brown. 

Haven’t found a drugstore foundation I like enough to recommend though. But next time you’re in Sephora, definitely ask for a sample of that Bobbi Brown.