I don’t read many makeup blogs (blasphemy! irony?) mostly because I am both incredibly picky and incredibly busy, but Anna from Fenua Beauté is probably my number one obsession besides the eponymous Temptalia and I visit her blog daily, if not hourly. I bombarded her with questions and our fun interview is below! 

1. How long have you been into makeup? When did you start? You’re so young but a thousand years ahead of me in talent with makeup — spill! 

 I started stealing my mother’s mascara when I was 14, she didn’t notice it for some weeks and then suddenly burst out in laughter and asked me if I wore make-up. That was the official beginning and it felt so embarrassing. But I got my first M.A.C eyeshadow at the age of 15, that’s officially the year in which I started developing my make-up skills and learning about brushes, blending and false lashes.

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