Buying makeup online?

Personally, I buy 99% of my makeup online, unless it’s foundation or sale items from Sephora. But before I buy anything, I research to see why something is cheap, or if it’s repackaged, etc. Because buying fake makeup is dangerous, (more on that here) and buying repackaged mica is just a rip off. After all, why would you buy an eyeshadow from an indie brand if it’s just factory mica that you can get from a wholesaler, cheaper, and with more product?? So if you’re buying online, I BEG you to do a google search on the store you buy from beforehand. It will save you money and might actually keep you healthy. Fake makeup is unregulated and you dunno what could be in it. 

So, if you want to buy MAC makeup online, PLEASE be wary of buying it on ebay or some website advertised next to a youtube video (99% of the time they’re advertising FAKE MAC brushes, pigments, etc.). Here are some reputable websites you can buy MAC or other high end makeup without worrying about them being fake:

inglot review

So the other day I sold my MCR ticket so I could buy some Inglot to make up for the fact I was too cheap and lazy and poor to go to IMATS (yet again. I should learn to budget, man). I wanted to make sure I got a palette before they raised the prices — which they’ll do on May 1st, and signifcantly (around $30 more for a 10 shadow palette. I’m pressed as hell about it too). 

(I also got a new product to review an hour earlier in the mail. More about that later.)

This is a long and detailed review so it’s under a cut. (edit: or not. tumblr is being a prat. >:|)

Their Website: I hate their website. But this is a common complaint; they haven’t given names to the shadows and they go by numbers and the way the shopping cart is set up is that you can’t really add and subtract shadows or click on them to go back to the individual shadow. You need to know exactly what you want before you add things into the cart. Also, they don’t show you when they’ve discounted things on your reciept, you only find out in the sum total / your credit card charge. This freaked me out because I thought I had ended up paying more than they said but it was my own mistake. If the product was any less amazing I probably wouldn’t purchase again from them because the website makes me grumpy. I think next time I’ll just buy in store. 

Shipping: Shipping for my 10-palette was $9, which is kinda steep to me (average shipping on websites for me is like $6) but it did arrive fast — less than 3 days! — and in good packaging. On the reciept it said the package would be 20 lbs — W H A T — so I was complaining to my friends about how they must ship it in a golden brick or something. But in reality the box was actually perfectly fitting for the palette and I’m super happy with it. I buy a lot of makeup online and 90% of the time companies ship out items in boxes far bigger than necessary. I don’t like wasted materials or big boxes, because I save the boxes to recycle them and big boxes take up too much room.

It was perfectly packed, nothing rattled, each shadow can individually so I could order the shadows in my own way, which is fun. It also came with a sample. :)

Packaging: Totally dreamy, high quality and pretty. It’s perhaps half an inch wider than Urban Decay’s Sustainable Shadow Box Palette, and it’s magnetic rather than close/open like MACs. This means no shadow spilling, which is awesome. The only downside is perhaps that you need to be  super extra careful when you open it so you don’t scrape the eyeshadows. The cover kind of twists off, it doesn’t move at all if you try to flip it open. The magnets are so strong you can apparently stack multiple palettes on top of each other. So neat and lovely. *o*

Quality: SO PIGMENTED, I CAN’T DEAL WITH MY LIFE. I heard they’d be good, but like, you can just hover your finger on the shadow and there is so much pigment. SO MUCH. I LOVE IT. My eyes actually widened with glee, I am so happy with the product. ಥ⌣ಥ I can complain about how expensive / fugly / etc the website is or whatever but the quality of the pigmented makes up for it far and beyond necessity. More pigmented than MAC shadows I have, Estee Lauder, etc nothing else compares. The only shadow that somewhat disappointed me was AMC 66, the shimmery violet. It didn’t have as much pigment as the others (as you’ll see on the rather shittacular swatches) when I poked it but it’s still okay. 

The color I’m talking about is the purple next to the red. The color underneath it is actually deep purple like Special Effects Deep Purple (the color my hair used to be) and I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it. ♥_♥ I chose colors that I could use together and individually for looks, specifically seeking out mattes because I don’t have many. And apparently I chose half mattes, half varying versions of shimmer. The way Inglot does it’s naming is a bit weird — AMC, D.S, etc — so I’ll direct you to a blog post you can read here

Keep in mind I just poked the shadows with the tips of my fingers. ;___; So beautiful and pigmented and powerful I cry and cry and cry. 

Overall: I would totally, totally recommend Inglot and actually urge you to buy it over MAC etc because of the variety Inglot offers and the price per shadow is much better considering the size you get. You get more product for competing or better quality. Even with the price increase it’s still better in comparison and I like the palette setup more. I think if you haven’t purchased from Inglot before, do it before May 1, the time the price increase happens. I probably can’t afford to buy another palette right now because of my splurges this month but I’m gonna do it anyway bc I have no self control.