Just a tip for people interested in the MUFE concealer palette, but are looking for a cheaper alternative; bh cosmetics do a great 10 pan concealer palette, and the coverage/formula is very similar. The only difference is that bh's ones are more creamy and will suit dry skin very well. But the performance is almost identical.

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true! i use it on shoots and like it very much. you get a lot more concealer for $15 (it’s on sale). good recommendation! thanks for the note. 

I finally caved and purchased the MUFE camouflage cream concealer palette and I chose the lightest shade with the green correction color. What is your opinion of the best way to apply it (I.E do you warm it in ur palm? Or with fingers/brush/apply before or after foundation?) thank you!

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I usually apply concealer with a a synthetic, rounded brush, like the Real Techniques Deluxe Blending Brush, or the Sephora Multitasker Brush. But I think warming it up in your hand and applying with your fingers is perfectly fine. I actually prefer using the Angled Buff Concealer brush (or the smaller version) from Sigma, but I’m too lazy to clean it all the time hahaha.

Most people put on concealer after foundation. I do it before.

Hi, I'm looking for a good concealer, and I was wondering if the Boi ing concealer from Benefit is any good. Its a bit pricey but I want to know if it is worth it. Thoughts?

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It’s not my favorite one in that price range. I like Tarte’s and Dermablend and NARS more. Dermablend is my favorite, but NARS is also fantastic and considerably easier to find. 

I want to get a non-drugstore foundation and concealer soon, and I was wondering if you had any you thought were good?

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It depends on your skin type and the coverage you want. I am fond of Koh Gen Do foundation, NARS Sheer Glow, Bobbi Brown foundations, and MAC Face & Body. They all offer different finishes and coverage and work for different skin types. I don’t wear foundation very often (bb cream 5ever) but when I’m doing makeup for shoots I pack those. 

For concealers, I pretty much only use Dermablend Quick Fix for my blemishes. I have for years, I must be on my sixth tube. Eve Pearl salmon concealer on my eyebags. Though I do like Tarte’s Amazonian Clay concealer well enough, and MUFE’s concealers are hefty — I just prefer the stick and cream texture of Dermablends over the tube of MUFE. 

Favorite Concealers - Drugstore & Otherwise

One of the most common questions we get is about concealers so I thought I’d do a quick roundup of our favorites. Chi-Chi and I both use mid-range to high end face products, so there is only one drugstore concealer here, but it’s quite a nice one and holds it’s own against concealers twice or even three times the cost. Here they are, for your perusal:

Honorable mentions: Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer (specifically for under-eye area) as well as the Graftobian Concealer palettes (a comparable, and more affordable version of the MUFE palette — it’s just harder to find, which is why it’s not included in the roundup).

Actually, if you want to invest in any concealer palettes for your kit or otherwise, I think Graftobian is the way to go. They have so many different ones depending on your shade range and if you want to color correct or specifically conceal, it’s pretty great. It’s also cheaper than the MUFE one, although I don’t know if the shipping costs would cancel that out.

So! What concealers are your faves? Drugstore recommendations? Have you tried these and utterly loathed them? Let us know in the comments (we have DISQUS enabled).

Some of these links are affiliate links, so we get commission if you purchase through them (less than 10%, so literally pennies). This does not impact our reviews of the products and all products mentioned here were purchased with our own money.