Treat Yo Self - The Ultimate Guide to Pampering


I am known for being the patron saint of pampering amongst my friends — they come to me for lingerie advice (for my lingerie favorites, here you go), we have Femme Night where I pamper them with girl group playlists (you can have some too), face masks, mani-pedi’s, hair braiding, and full access to my makeup collection. I am, despite my perma-sullen facial expression and closet full of leather, a super ultra girly girl. And bathtime is my sacred ritual. It makes you feel so much better! You sit and soak in your feeilngs and then get to wash the bad ones down the drain, if only for awhile. I want to share with you all my favorite things for ultimate #treatyoself nightly wonder. Let’s get to it.

One - The Soaps and Washes.
I’m putting these together because you might not have a bathtub, but you still gotta pamper yourself. I revolve shower products depending on how grumpy I am (the grumpier, the better smelling the products, so I can stew in the water and just sniff myself to feel better. that isn’t weird right?)

I have talked about my obsession with the Malin+Goetz Rum scent before, this is the bar soap version whereas I talked about the candle. I also love tea + more earthy smells (or baked good smells) so I gravitate towards those. LUSH cannot be forgotten here, but my favorite shower+gel products are limited edition Christmas ones and aren’t available right now. (For reference: Jilted Elf Shower Jelly and Twilight Shower Gel)

This is going to be a long, in depth post, so jump the cut for more.

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I make an all over body scrub using one whole avo, two tablespoons of oil, one tablespoon lemon juice (fresh), and refined white sugar mixed together. (You add in the sugar to your liking, the more you have, the rougher it is, obviously) The citrus adds an exciting and refreshing punch to it, and all of it is good for you! And for particularly unruly acne breakouts, I make an aspirin mask.

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