Quick Note on Animal Testing and Cruelty-free Makeup


Gossmakeupartist on Youtube has a very good video on this topic, as it is hard for anyone to say for certain if a product or brand is cruelty-free if:

  • they did not do testing for a new product, but the ingredients used within were PREVIOUSLY tested on animals (by this or other companies, recently or even decades ago) for general skin safety
  • they do not test on animals but they do not require their ingredient suppliers to adhere to cruelty-free practices
  • they support cruelty-free cosmetics in most cases, but testing is mandated by law in order to ensure public safety (more in the case of skincare products)
  • the brand is cruelty-free but owned by a huge conglomerate that condones animal testing in other arms or sub-groups 
  • the product contains animal derivatives or products but these might have been obtained in a manner that IS/NOT harmful or painful to the animals

Everybody’s comfort level is different and you’ll need to be your own judge where your stand is on the above. There’s also a lot of conflicting information online and the last thing I want to do is to make any false or misleading claims about a company and its products based on faulty info because that would be really unfair!

Click here for the PETA listing. For the most updated information, I suggest going to PETA.org as they will have the latest updates on the site and you can search by brand!

What I WILL try to do is make an effort to add a note “VEGAN” or “CRUELTY-FREE” when reviewing or showcasing products that come from companies that specifically state that of all their products.