A closer look at the Naked Cosmetics pigments I hauled at IMATS LA (combined with my previous IMATS NYC Naked purchase). I am very fond of these stacks for photoshoots — the shimmer trio is wonderful for highlighting on a variety of skin tones  so I naturally wanted more. Naked always has a great deal at IMATS — a stack for $30, 2 for $50, 3 for $75, 4 for $100 with 1 free. I split the 5 with my cousin and aunt. 

 IMATS Haul. I already took photos and initial swatches of some of this stuff, but I’m exhausted from the flight so I’m gonna crash. (Keep in mind the DHC Oil and eyeliner aren’t from IMATS, just from that day.) I didn’t end up taking photos of the booths or whatever because I was way too neurotic about getting what was on my list and finding my friends (and trying not to burst into tears when I met Marlena from Makeup Geek) to take photos. 

My haul from IMATS. Emily from OCC gave me the Spring Collection to review so I didn’t purchase all of it though, full disclosure. Bummed I didn’t get RX for myself, just for my friend. Regrets regrets. Next time I’m on Ludlow I’ll grab it, though it’ll end up being 2x as much. -_- I’ll swatch and give more details on what I purchased later on in the week.