by Vanessa

This hair tutorial presents an easy way to get a cute sixties hairstyle.

All you need is a 1‘‘ curling iron, a comb or a teasing brush (well just something you like to tease with, I’m using my tangle teaser in this tutorial),  a round brush, some duckbill clips, a bobby pin and (of course) hairspray. This hairstyle works with shorter or longer hair, with bangs or without.

Hey there :) I was wondering if there are any products other than that gel I'm now coveting from bumble and bumble you'd recommend to hold a style throughout the day? Nothing seems to last in my hair but from what you've shown I have hope now haha

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That Bumble gel is my favorite one, not because it holds style throughout the day (though it can) but because it’s so LIGHTWEIGHT about it. It’s like a magically disappearing gel, not a hard glue crunchy gel.

I don’t like any other hair gel nearly as much (though I’ll test some others next week regardless to see) but I can definitely recommend this Redken Control Addict 28 Hold hairspray. I see it in hairstylist kits ALL the time and it’s also my own favorite besides the B&B one, which is one I buy over and over again. Also it smells nice. But the Redken one is fantastic. You put your hair in the most ridiculous impossible angles and volume, and it will hold, all day. Legit.