by Vanessa

This hair tutorial presents an easy way to get a cute sixties hairstyle.

All you need is a 1‘‘ curling iron, a comb or a teasing brush (well just something you like to tease with, I’m using my tangle teaser in this tutorial),  a round brush, some duckbill clips, a bobby pin and (of course) hairspray. This hairstyle works with shorter or longer hair, with bangs or without.

You can rock this hairstyle with centre parting, side parting or bangs. Start by separating your hair and teasing it at the back of the head. Don’t be timid, sixties hair is all about teasing and a lot of volume. 

After you’ve done that, move on and tease the parts on the sides (except of the front). Now use the round brush to smooth the whole section. Be careful. You don’t want to brush out the volume. After you’ve done that, fix it with hairspray. 

Separate your hair (start at the front) and use the curling iron to curl your hair. Make sure to not curl the hair towards the face but away from the face. Precision is not that important. Just make sure the most concentration is on your ends because that’s where the curl is. I use a little bit of hairspray for each section before I use the curling iron. For this hairstyle I only use six or seven clips around the head. Just curl it with the curling iron and fix it with a clip. After you‘ve done that, fix it with hairspray.

The longer you leave the clips in, the better. However half an hour (or an hour) should probably do it. It’s a good idea to first do your hair when you get up in the morning. You can apply your make-up while your hair cools. A matching sixties makeup should be all about big eyes (eyeliner, false lashes) and a nude lipstick.

Remove all the clips and separate the curls by gently going through your hair with your fingers.

Decide how “messy” you want your curls to be. Sometimes I like them to be tight, sometimes I like them to be loose, it depends on my daily mood.

Last but not least, use the bobby pin to secure the front section. And that’s it! I hope you like it.

Much love, Vanessa

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