Product Spotlight: Wet n Wild’s Megalast Lipsticks ($2)
Why It’s Great: The high color pay-off and variety of colors makes Wet n Wild’s Megalast lipsticks one of the best makeup bargains ever. Readily available at drugstores and at only $2 a pop, their wide range of colors (which vary from almost black [Vamp It Up] to bubblegum pink [Pinkerbell]) are said to be dupes for many high end lipsticks.

Cons? This lipsticks’ formula can be drying (but many mattes are!) and the packaging is a bit cheap, so be sure your lips are moisturized before applying - but IMO, it’s a small price to pay for nearly perfect saturated pout. And with 26 beautiful shades, you are sure to find one you love - so pucker up doll face! :*

Zainab (Vamp It Up), Sashiko (Cherry Bomb), tea-leaf-prophecy (Sugar Plum Fairy)
Mari (Purty Persimmon), Mae (Purty Persimmon), deadlylipstick (Cherry Bomb)
safiyehuddin (Vamp It Up), Marlena (Spotlight Red), Michelle (Cherry Bomb)
Whitney (Vamp It Up), Arame (Dollhouse Pink), Jem (Spotlight Red)

Thank you so much for your submissions and I’m so sorry we weren’t able to share them all! 

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