Primer alone Primer with mascara

There are many monthly beauty boxes available  dabbled in most of them. Here is a product from yet another: Starlooks, which is $25 a month, though you can also purchase items from each box individually. This lash boosting mascara primer is $13 on it’s own and I quite like it, in fact, the packaging is one of the most beautiful makeup related things I have seen in awhile……probably because I’m also a fucking pervert and it totally looks like a vibrator. I’m just….saying….you can consider that unfortunate or funny, I choose the latter. 

The actual primer seems to be a lightweight, fiber cling base. You can’t really tell it’s on your lashes at the root but you’ll notice the fibers clinging to the ends of your lashes. I chose to wear colored mascara (this is “Majestic” by Medusa Makeup, reviewed here) so you can see my lashes more prominently. If you’re wondering about the purple mascara, for like, $5, it’s adequate, but it’s definitely not waterproof as it claims to be. 

Anyway! Back to the primer. I do like it a lot, not only for the packaging, but it also doesn’t dry heavy like other primers I’ve tried, and I do think using it made a difference in this case. This purple mascara is mediocre with no real lengthening abilities, but the primer makes the end results much better color and length wise without ending up spidery. I’ll be reviewing Starlooks more in depth in upcoming posts, as a monthly box and the products individually. For this product, specifically, I give it a thumbs up. You get free shipping on orders under a certain weight, so give it a shot if you’re curious.  

Full disclosure: This product was a PR sample, but quite obviously does not impact my honesty regarding the product.  

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