MAC’s Hue and NYX’s Summer Love

I don’t have many lipsticks, but apparently I gravitate towards the same types of colors, so I want to so everyone two lipsticks that I purchased recently with some swatches in different lighting, plus a comparison/review. This is between MAC’s Hue (Glaze) and NYX’s Round Lipstick in Summer Love (LSS617).


I purchased the MAC lipstick from the counter in my local Macy’s (since that is the only place that carries MAC in…hm…well I would have to go to another state to get MAC somewhere else. I purchased the NYX lipstick from a really nice seller on Ebay, isycinc. MAC lipsticks start at $14.50 and NYX lipstick prices depend on where you purchase them…I recommend Ebay or if you’re by an Ulta when they have a good deal.

  • MAC’s Hue is a pale pink nude with a slightly glossy finish, buildable color and very moisturizing, even without a lip balm. It doesn’t settle into creases on the lips and has decent wear on me (four to five hours). 
  • NYX’s Summer Love…well I was hoping that it would be a more beige/coral toned nude color so I could attempt to achieve that coral-toned nude glossy lip that I love in some of the magazines I read. What I got was another pale pink nude color with a matte finish, with more beige undertones (while Hue is more pink). Not as moisturizing as Hue, but wears well (three to four hours), but the color is a bit more difficult to build. You need very smooth lips for it to not get cakey and settle into creases.

However. To my surprise (and slight dismay since I don’t need two of the same color lipstick lol), they are very similar swatched and on the lips. I took a couple pictures to showcase the similarities in colors in natural lighting and a picture with flash.


The first picture is in natural lighting, with MAC’s Hue being on top and NYX’s Summer Love on the bottom. Pretty similar with Hue being slightly more glossy.


Second picture, again with Hue on top and Summer Love on the bottom, this time taken with flash. Again, you can see the similarities between the two colors.

Bottom Line: Do I recommend both of these lipsticks? Absolutely! MAC’s lipsticks are amazing (in general) and are a great buy (considering the prices for most mid-end to high-end makeup brands). NYX lipsticks (and their cosmetics in general) are absolutely amazing, it’s just a bit of trial and error with the colors, especially when ordering online…but other people always want to try lipsticks, so you can always disinfect and gift/sell the colors you don’t like. ;D If you went to a MAC counter and wanted Hue but thought that it was a bit too pink and too shiny, then I would definitely recommend Summer Love for a more beige-toned pink nude with a matte finish.

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