Treat Yo Self - The Ultimate Guide to Pampering


I am known for being the patron saint of pampering amongst my friends — they come to me for lingerie advice (for my lingerie favorites, here you go), we have Femme Night where I pamper them with girl group playlists (you can have some too), face masks, mani-pedi’s, hair braiding, and full access to my makeup collection. I am, despite my perma-sullen facial expression and closet full of leather, a super ultra girly girl. And bathtime is my sacred ritual. It makes you feel so much better! You sit and soak in your feeilngs and then get to wash the bad ones down the drain, if only for awhile. I want to share with you all my favorite things for ultimate #treatyoself nightly wonder. Let’s get to it.

One - The Soaps and Washes.
I’m putting these together because you might not have a bathtub, but you still gotta pamper yourself. I revolve shower products depending on how grumpy I am (the grumpier, the better smelling the products, so I can stew in the water and just sniff myself to feel better. that isn’t weird right?)

I have talked about my obsession with the Malin+Goetz Rum scent before, this is the bar soap version whereas I talked about the candle. I also love tea + more earthy smells (or baked good smells) so I gravitate towards those. LUSH cannot be forgotten here, but my favorite shower+gel products are limited edition Christmas ones and aren’t available right now. (For reference: Jilted Elf Shower Jelly and Twilight Shower Gel)

This is going to be a long, in depth post, so jump the cut for more.

Two -  The Body Scrubs n’ Face Oils.

Perhaps this should have gone first, but not everyone uses scrubs. I like to slough off skin before sudsing it up in the shower — I don’t use this during bathtime but you might not have a tub. I love the DHC Cleansing Oil and the Murad Exfoliants so much, but they are pricey, so I only use them when I’m feeling crappy.

You also can totally make your own body scrub (here's a recipe) & face scrubs (here are recipes) & use non-beauty packaged oils (we list some here), too. In fact, i highly suggest trying it out. it’s fun and saves money.

Three - Bubbles and Bombs and Oils and Melts.

I’m listing some here, but I think part of the fun is going to Lush and picking out your own combination. My bathroom storage is literally filled with shelves of ziploc’d bath bombs, melts, etc that I combine depending on my mood.

My bathtime ritual would be nothing without bath products from Lush, so here are my favorites.


All available in store and online. Click click click. (I don’t get paid for mentioning these, I am begging you to try them because they have improved my life on many occasions.)

Four - Masks because duh.

Sometimes I do a mask in the bath, sometimes afterwards. Either way — kind of essential for pampering. I have dry, acne prone skin with scarring (sadface) so I look for masks that meet those needs.

You can, again, make your own face mask (check the D.I.Y or diy tags). I’m also fond of the Skinfood Kiwi Yogurt Mask.

Five - Candlelight vigil for your feelings.

Bathtime kicks it up a notch when you are surrounded by candles — at least two. Scents are a personal preference, here are my favorites. I have been fortunate enough to get most of mine as gifts or from sample sales. I am kind of a candle hoarder (my parents too) and they last forever though so it’s ok to splurge once in awhile. I know Yankee Candles has sales sometimes and they smell wonderful. 

Six - Post bathing Pampering.

Once you get out of the bath you want to slather yourself in lotion or oils so your skin is super baby soft. Your pores are most open to moisturizers when you are right out of the shower or bath.

 Now, you can go on to face serums if you’d like but I’ve yet to find ones I really love enough to recommend. But! I hope you try some of these products or are encouraged to spend some time on you because of this post!! Let me know your faves in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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