Thank you for posting the skin care routine!! I have ridiculously sensitive and dry skin(my face is constantly flaking and most moisturizers burn my face). I will definitely be trying some of the products you mentioned(hopefully they work for me!)

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I’m happy to have helped! Yes, my #1 recommendation would be to stop using traditional cleansers and try a cleansing oil (like the DHC one) or even you know, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. EVOO is great for removing makeup (especially waterproof eye makeup) and works the same way an actual cleansing oil does. It’s super moisturizing as well. There have been many occasions where I’ve given up on everything and just used EVOO and my skin thanked me for it. But trust — the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Sleeping Mask is such, such a treat for dry, beat up skin, you will love it.

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