so, remember this post?

welp, i re-organized my shit. someone mentioned this tall ass drawer to me, so i went to ikea and checked it out. it actually fits all my shit perfectly. and im pretty happy with the outcome. my goal was to not have any of my makeup visible. i feel like it makes the area look really junky when you can see everything out, and then there’s dust and shit…i like to keep my makeup in a cool dark place, so these drawers work.

i haven’t bought any makeup in over a year and you can see why. after years of collecting, i have MORE than enough. im probably the only beauty blogger who’s sick of buying this shit. it’s one of the reasons i stopped blogging, i got overwhelmed with all of this…stuff. plus, if i buy more, i’d have to buy more storage and i refuse. but im happy with what i have, will problem sell some of it or give it away, but for now, here’s where it lives and here’s where it’ll stay.


the black/white desk is from Ikea

the tall white drawer unit is also from Ikea

the drawer inserts, most of them are from Walmart/Target (kitchen/office supply area), and the sturdier looking ones are from Ikea, but they are discontinued now. womp.

the mirror on the wall above the desk is from Ikea

the vanity lights and bulbs are from Home Depot (i installed them myself…you have to split the wire in the back to make it “plug in”, or if you have a handyman to hardwire the shit, you can do that too. i split the wire and hooked it up myself..so if i can do it, you can too. look on youtube for tutorials on how to do it. its super easy and cheap)

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