Plum/violet/deep purple lip color does NOT look flattering on pale skin. Leave that to the brown women. 

why does makeup have to be flattering why can’t people just wear what they want and not be torn down by other women for their own choices on what they put on their face tho

i’m going to continue wearing purple / black / violet lip colors and i’m going to agree with you that berry shades look amazing on women of color but that doesn’t mean pale skinned people can’t wear what they want…there are no rules in makeup. it’s annoying enough when dudes are up in the makeup tag talking bout “natural girls are the best girls”, it’s even more fucked up when it’s another woman shaming women about their makeup and what is most flattering.

edit: annoying that i have to say this but this goes both ways — pale ladies shouldn’t be telling brown ladies what to do. it’s your face. do whatever the hell you want with it. as white and white passing girls we get a lot of space in the beauty industry, there is no bones about it. and everyone deserves space — that means sharing and not shaming other people for doing what they wanna do with their bodies (and lipstick).

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