When I wear lipstick, even if I put on lip liner, my lipstick always fades out onto the skin around my mouth, as if I have smeared it or rubbed my lips together sloppily? If you get what I mean, I was wondering if you have a good method to keep the lipstick from spreading or if I need to suck it up and redo it regularly (I work 4-6 hr shifts and it starts to spread probably an hour after application). Thank you! <3

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Hi sweetie!!! Does this happen no matter what lipstick you are using? It might be a formulation problem, or an application problem — if you line your lips, then apply lipstick, and then blot using a piece of tissue paper it helps set the makeup, especially if you’re applying the lipstick with a lip brush. I don’t typically experience color bleeding unless I’ve applied too much of a product or if it’s a strange formulation.

Our followers are pretty smart — anyone experience this and have suggestions?

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