I can never get my eyeliner quite right. One flick/wing always looks more even and perfect than the other one does, and I always find myself having to start over or trying way too hard to get them even. Any tips?

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Practice makes perfect! Even after years and years of basically daily cat eye liner I still sometimes struggle with getting my lines even, especially since I have wonky eyelids. You can do a couple of things — angle some scotch tape and then follow those as guidelines on both eyes, outline with white eyeliner at the beginning and then line over it, etc. It is also helpful to DOT your eyeliner on and then connect the dots slowly rather than trying to get it perfect in one fell swoop.

Here are some eyeliner tutorials on youtube you might find helpful:

And when all else fails, you can never have enough qtips and eye makeup remover on hand.

Another tip: resting your pinky lightly on your cheek as you line gives you a great steady base to work with.

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