Black Indigo Bridge Purple Cloud Artificial Amethyst

Months ago I received samples from Portland Black Lipstick Company but I went overseas so I waited until last week to make an actual purchase. I decided on Black and Indigo Bridge, and received samples of Purple Cloud and Artificial Amethyst. Shipping was $4 for 2 lipsticks, and really fast. 

PBCO lipsticks are super affordable ($9 a tube) and come in chapstick containers with sticker labels (really cute ones). I don’t have any indie makeup lipstick, just eyeshadow, so I can’t say if this is unusual or not, though I think other indie makeup companies do a mix of chapstick tubes and regular lipstick bullets. The chapstick tubes make application for these more difficult than a bullet would, I definitely used a q-tip each look to fix things up. You’ll likely have to do the same and/or use a lip brush for application. 

The overall formula was really creamy and lovely! Probably one of the softest formulations I’ve used. I think the lipsticks with a bit of dimension— Artificial Amethyst, Indigo Bridge — are marginally better than Black and Purple Cloud, because the flat ones (another descriptor escapes me, though they’re both creme and not matte) you can see shift on your lips a little and you have to pucker. Nothing too bad though, and for the fact these aren’t drying and so pigmented and so inexpensive? Awesome. 

Obviously Purple Cloud is not exactly my color, it’s too cool toned for me, but it’s still lovely. My fave is definitely Artificial Amethyst — gonna buy that next. I think these are great, unique lipsticks and I highly recommend them! If they came in bullet containers, they’d get an A++ for me. Maybe in the future. 

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