Hey PD! As promised, here’s part one of my reviews of the circle lenses that Pinky Paradise kindly sent me. Here is my review of the Vassen Super Lacey Brown lenses. (I don’t usually say this at the beginning of the post, but please read the disclaimer at the end of the post because it’s important okay)

As I mentioned in my sneak preview post, I tend to purchase lenses that are similar to the ‘my lips but better lipstick’ feel, but with my eyes! My eyes are naturally a dark brown, so I purchase lenses that either just enlarge and blend into my natural eye color, or that alter my eye color with enlargement. And of course, I always try to find the most comfortable lenses possible because even if I don’t wear them for too long of a period (circle lenses are cosmetic lenses), comfort is wonderful.

Ah. A quick introduction to circle lens enlargement for people who might not have any idea what I’m talking about: circle lenses come in different sizes - anywhere from 14 mm to 16+ mm diameter (or claim to give that enlargement) - which give the illusion of bigger eyes, also known as a dolly eye effect.

Color and Size: I love me some dolly eyes (I started to really get interested in makeup in part because of my interest in gyaru), so circle lenses make the eyes pop. The Vassen Super Lacey Brown lenses are listed at 14.5mm, which is a tad bit bigger than what people consider natural lens size (if you’re ever looking for a very natural lens size, stay under 15mm, 14 or 14.2mm is best).

What caught my eye was the beautiful design of the lenses, which seriously looks like delicate lace in beautiful shades of brown. On the backdrop of dark brown, the pattern really shows up in flash photography, as you can see, but in natural light, it makes the eyes look bigger and have more depth and change in color. I love how it changes the color of my eyes - I really think it’s beautiful.

Comfort: These are definitely one of the most comfortable lenses I have ever owned. The Dueba (G&G/Barbie) DM23s used to hold that title for me,; however, after putting the Lacey Brown lenses in and getting adjusted to them, they feel like nothing is in my eye. They also do not dry my eyes out at all, which is wonderful because keeping the eyes hydrated is important while wearing contacts, circle lenses or not. However, I do notice that I don’t blink as much while wearing these, so I do need to carry eye drops with me just in case my eyes get dry from keeping them open for too long. Finally, I can wear these for the top amount of time period I ever wear circle lenses, which is six hours, with no problems. Very pleased.

A couple random things: I find that these lenses are very soft…I’m talking very soft - they flip inside out relatively easily. I have to be very gentle with these to ensure that I don’t accidentally tear them and have to toss them. With that, for people who might have trouble putting contacts in, that might be a problem since soft contacts can be a little bit more difficult to put in. Also, I think that these lenses need some eyeliner/eye makeup to look completely natural, since 14.5mm diameter is the start of the dolly eye effect. The opacity of the lenses is pretty good - if you have really brightly colored eyes, it might create a different effect than what you’re looking for.

Overall recommendation: I love these a lot and would recommend them to people who like dolly eyed effect lenses (or who would like to try a dolly eyed look for the first time) and like brown eyes. It’s not too bright or different of a lens that would scare people away (but if they are scared, whatever #yolo) and it creates a pretty pattern on the eyes. In other words, BUY THEM WITH ME I WANT ALL DA COLORS.

Disclaimer + additional info: For all circle lens posts - I am not an eye doctor. My advice is just that, advice from experience and what I’ve read. If anyone has problems with any lens ever, please go see an eye doctor. Also, everyone’s eyes are different. Cannot stress this enough, if you think or feel there is something wrong, stop using whatever you are using and go see an optometrist. The products included in this review were sent to us for consideration. Products sent to us for consideration do not affect the honesty of the reviews, nor do we write paid reviews or guaranteed reviews. powderdoom always promises to honestly have lovefests for products, put products on blast and anything in between. The link above is a affiliate link with Pinky Paradise - in addition, if you decide to purchase circle lenses from Pinky Paradise, remember to enter the code powderdoom at checkout to get a free gift!

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