Makeup Manners: Is It Okay To Touch Up Lipstick In Public?

i think the more important question is who cares and why does it matter. i’m fascinated by the idea of makeup as a personal/private discussion. like, people aren’t ”allowed” to wear over the top makeup cuz they get shamed. dudes like ‘natural’ makeup but like, they just don’t know, so they think they like ‘natural’ girls. don’t wear x cuz you look cheap. etc. etc. you have to go to the powder room to touch up your look. (we named powder doom powder doom because i think the concept of going to the ‘powder room’ to ”fix your face” is weird and i like the idea of a powder explosion, like, makeup as this huge explosion of things and appearances… on words. now you know. anyway.) why though? why is makeup and its application a secret? i love seeing melted down bustedness, i like seeing powdered perfection, i like everything in between. it’s the best. i want to know everything about everything you do to your face.  tell me everything. show me everything. i like knowing how much work it takes to get where you want to be / look / feel. it brings us closer together. hiding away makes makeup seem wrong to me. show me your work. let’s bond.

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    Yes and thank you! =) I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do wear it, I will check it whenever the fuck I feel like...
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    I think I’ve retouched my lip gloss in public like five times in the past two days in conscious grumpiness from seeing...
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    The above is why I always answer when a guy asks how braids work or how I don’t end up poking my eye out with mascara....
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    I’m in the “don’t do it WHILE YOU DRIVE THE FUCKING CAR” camp, and other than that, it’s not something I ever noticed....
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    I used to be in the “don’t touch up makeup in public” camp, but I never thought about how that contributes to hiding the...
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    Oh, puh-leeze, I do my lipstick on the bus or train every now and then. It’s NBD and saying otherwise is blatant...
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