chalk pastels (not oil pastels!)
- flat iron or curling iron

First, dampen the parts of your hair that you want to color. 

Then, take the chalk and rub it into the hair, just as you would color a piece of paper. Some pieces of your hair might stick up while you’re doing it, but we’ll take care of those in a minute.’

Repeat this with all the pieces of hair you want to color.  

To seal the color in, use a flat iron or curling iron over the section of hair you’ve just colored. If you want a less concentrated streak, use a blow dryer to fluff your hair a bit, and spread out the colored strands. 

We, of course, like to keep things as bright and colorful as possible so we went with just the curling iron.

It’s just a little burst of color, but it adds so much fun and playfulness to your typical look.

The chalking method is also great for adding a bit of color to classic hairstyles like the side fishtail braid and the sock bun. Don’t be surprised if you see colored hair streaks popping up on the ladies of Brit & Co. in the coming weeks! ;)

love this

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