Here’s a random eye of the day that I did at 7:45 pm. …mainly I was sad that I was being a responsible adult and not buying products from Sleek Makeup during their 20% off sale because Serenna is a wonderful influence and great person. To console myself, I sat down in front of my makeup and played with a couple products, came up with this and really liked it. ????? Beauty bloggers deal with their sadness in many different ways, what can I say.

I apologize for the ridiculous shininess of my face (it’s dark at 7:45 so I had to use flash), but it was after wearing powder foundation for around 12 hours at that point and I didn’t feel like redoing my face to take pictures of my eye. >.>

Products used: Middle two shades from the Maybelline EyeStudio Eyeshadow Quad in Give Me Gold (gold in the inner third of my eye, copper in the middle blended into the blue and on my bottom lash line), bottom right shade from the MUA Makeup Academy Poptastic Palette (dark blue blended out on the outer third of the eye), thin line of Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black on the top lash line and finally a couple coats of Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal’Eyes Mascara in Black on the top and bottom lashes.

And just a mini-update - Arabelle’s at Fashion Week right now and I’m buried under schoolwork and work work and we both love you all very much! <3 

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