Hi PD! This is Part 1 of my swatchfest for the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24Hr Eyeshadows. I own quite a bit of these, and after asking Arabelle, I decided to split the swatchfest into two categories, limited edition and permanent range. These shades are limited edition.

Most of these colors, namely every single one except the teal shade, are from the Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2012 Fashion Week collection. I purchased these at Walgreens, but they have been seen Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens, so definitely pick them up. You know me and neutrals, so I had to pick them all up because reasons. :| My favorite is definitely Mossy Green, which looks absolutely beautiful by itself on the lid or as a part of a awesome smokey eye. The teal shade is also limited edition (I don’t know if the collection of the four colors has a name) and can be found at Target.

Finally, as usual, took the swatches without primer and built up the product so you could truly see the colors. Rich Mahogany and Barely Beige took some work to build up the color, but Gold Shimmer, Mossy Green and Test my Teal were very easy to work with. Barely Beige is a great highlighting color, either popped in the inner corner of the eye or buffed out as a brow bone highlight. I completely recommend going to get the neutral shades if you’re trying to build your neutral collection (Test my Teal is a skip unless you really want that shade of teal). They are great basic colors and the green is beautiful and you should just own it anyway.

Happy shopping and the next part with the permanent collection is coming soon! Toodles~

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