Review: PCA Skin The Sensitive Dry Skin Solution

Hello PD! This is a review of the PCA Skin The Sensitive Dry Skin Solution | $158.31
A couple weeks ago, one of our sponsors,, sent us both trial sizes of products for us to try and then review, and I got the PCA Skin The Sensitive Dry Skin Solution trial set. The Sensitive Dry Skin Solution comes with four products, including the Creamy Cleanser, Hydrator Plus SPF 30, Anti-Redness Serum and ReBalance, which are also sold separately. Here are the descriptions of each products and my thoughts on them. Please follow the cut!

A note before the rest of the review: If you’ve been following PD for a while, you might know that I have combination/oily skin that is prone to breaking out with almost anything. So, this review is coming from a person with dry spots on the skin and not overall dry skin. In addition, everyone’s skin is different and hence might be sensitive to different ingredients, making them prone to breaking out.

Creamy Cleanser | link: From the product description, this is supposed to be able to be a “gentle, hydrating cleanser will effectively remove dirt, debris and makeup without stripping skin of essential moisture.” The product itself is a medium-weight creamy consistency with a light ‘natural’ smell - it kind of smells like lavender. I usually try to avoid cream cleansers because with oily skin, it’s too heavy of a consistency for my skin; however, with this cleanser, it didn’t feel like it was weighing down my skin.

I first used it just on clean skin in the morning, and it cleansed my nighttime skincare off my face completely and there was absolutely no residue left after using it. (I used my hands and massaged it into my skin using circular motions) Next, I used it as a makeup remover + a cleanser at night, with varying results. For just a light tinted moisturizer and non-waterproof eye makeup, it took off absolutely everything with minimal rubbing. I was really impressed because when I used my toner afterward, there was nothing on my cotton pad! Love it for that. When I wore a medium coverage foundation and waterproof mascara, it took off the foundation reasonably well (there was a little bit left after I washed my face) and the mascara came off…about fifty percent. Definitely would need something else to remove difficult makeup before cleansing the rest of the face. Finally, used the Creamy Cleanser like I normally use my cleansers, meaning after using a cleansing oil to take off my makeup. When using the product like that, there was no makeup or residue left after cleansing the face. I like this product - I think for dry to normal skin, it would be a good cleanser that takes off most makeup with minimal difficulty, smells decently and a little goes a very long way.

Hydrator Plus SPF 30 | link: From the website, this product is supposed to give your skin “a boost of moisture and protection” while providing UVA/UVB protection. I used this for two weeks, replacing my emulsion and my sunscreen with this product and continuing as normal for my skincare. …I have a couple problems with this product. First, it is not hydrating. I have oily/combination skin, my cheeks are super dry and my T-Zone is super oily. My cheeks developed dry patches and my T-Zone became super dry. I was so confused, this product is supposed to be for dry skin, and yet it made ALL OF MY FACE REALLY DRY. I never get dry patches. Ever. :C Second, it is really heavy on the skin. It’s possible to make a cream that can moisturize dry skin without being mask-like. This product misses the boat. Completely. It’s heavy, it leaves a white cast on the skin, and it takes a while to soak into the skin. Finally, it broke me out. I mean…I got tiny red bumps all over my face from this product - it was the nail in the coffin. I certainly don’t recommend this for oily/combination skin, but I don’t even know if I could recommend this to dry skin, because it isn’t…hydrating. My face was not moisturized when using this product. Proceed with caution.

Anti-Redness Serum | link: This product is supposed to “minimizes redness in those with sensitive skin, rosacea, sun damaged skin, or persistent flushing.” I don’t really have redness problems for my skin other than after I use my PMD weekly, then my face is very sensitive and red for the next day. I applied this serum after using my PMD and it made the redness decrease substantially overnight, which was nice. I don’t have sun damaged skin or rosacea so I can’t comment on how effective it would be for people with those skin problems, but for the couple times I used it for that specific purpose, it worked well. The consistency of the serum is thicker than what I’m used to when it comes to serums, so it takes a tad bit longer to truly soak into the skin. Hence, I would recommend it if you would like to try something else to reduce the redness of your skin. Nothing to run out and purchase but if you’re getting frustrated with the redness of your face and nothing else is working, it’s a good product to check out.

ReBalance | link: Finally, this product is supposed to “nurture your skin back to health after intense treatments,” using “GLA (gamma linoleic acid) from rare natural botanical (evening primrose and borage).” It’s a very light lotion that soaks into the skin really quickly, which makes using it at night amazing since I am super lazy and I don’t want to spend a really long time doing anything at night with my face. First, I used this as a replacement for my night cream, and I liked it for the most part. Again, for people with really dry skin, this product isn’t going to provide the amount of moisture you would need during the night alone. For my skin, it was light enough to moisturize the skin without being too heavy, which was really nice for the summer. I especially felt the effects of the lotion after using my PMD; it really helped my skin regenerate after the intense exfoliation. When I used the product in conjunction with my night cream, it worked well with other night cream, increasing the moisturize on my face without weighing it down. I feel like this product works well on its own and would work well with other treatments, not interferring with whatever the other treatments are supposed to do. This is my favorite product out of this set, and the only one I would consider purchasing the full size - my face absolutely loves this lotion and it really helped my skin.

Here’s an extra pic of three of the products on the back of my hand, just so it’s easier to see how they actually look like on the skin.

Overall recommendation: The Creamy Cleanser is a nice, deep-cleansing product that takes off almost everything on the face by itself, avoid the Hydrator Plus SPF 30 at all costs, purchase the Anti-Redness Serum if you want to try something different and redness is a problem for you, and definitely check out ReBalance if you’re looking for a light nighttime lotion.

Disclaimer: The products included in this review were sent to us for consideration. Products sent to us for consideration do not affect the honesty of the reviews, nor do we write paid reviews or guaranteed reviews. powderdoom always promises to honestly have lovefests for products, put products on blast and anything in between.

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