sister's dealing with bad acne. The makeup covers the redness, but it looks cakey and it still looks really bumpy. Any advice :)?

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I think this video on Acne cover up by Lisa Eldridge (PD’s favorite Makeup Artist, she’s kind of our hero) is incredibly helpful and I am really fond of all of the products she recommends in it and purchased some of them for myself. Dermablend/Vichy has the best makeup for acne scars and serious skin issues, it’s the heaviest coverage out of everything I’ve seen and really lovely, but you need to learn how to apply it properly. 

When it comes to acne coverage, you can honestly apply makeup perfectly but if your actual skin has bumpy texture, even the most perfectly blended makeup job won’t be able to make it flawless, because the canvas itself is bumpy. Makeup can alleviate redness and even out skintone and all of that but short of applying latex or whatever, you’re stuck with whatever texture you started with, give or take a smoothing primer, which can’t smooth over a huge zit no matter how hard you pray. 

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