Well I have successfully broken my makeup ban and purchased a couple things that I have been eying for a while…and some other random products. As always, drop an ask if you want reviews and/or swatches of anything. A note: for the two foundations pictured, if you would like a review of them, it will be a while because I promised myself to finish two of my current foundations before opening any new ones, including these two. I own…a lot of foundations so I need to actually finish products for once. With that said, descriptions and links to the products ahoy!

  • L’oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup SPF 20 in Classic Tan/Cappuccino (N7-8) | $11-15 | link: Can I first say how happy I am that so many companies are doing different undertones in foundations now for darker skintones? It used to be almost exclusively pink/red undertones but now there’s yellow-based and neutral! Wonderful progress. Anyway, my friend Serenna mentioned that she saw this in store and it looked really nice so when I had the coupons I purchased this foundation and the Revlon foundation for $15. In the L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder (link), which may low-key be one of PD’s favorite drugstore powders, both Arabelle and I carry this around in our makeup bags, I use Classic Tan (N7), so N7-8 looked like the closest match to my skintone. 
  • MUA Bronzer in Shade 3 | £1 | link: I wanted to try a new coutouring bronzer, and I needed one more product to get the free international shipping promotion that MUA UK was doing when I ordered from them. I hope it’s nice, I haven’t even opened it yet.
  • Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup in Carmel (340) | $12-15 | link: I bought this because both Jen from frmheadtotoe and G from Nouveau Cheap recommended it/gave a positive review. It looks like it gives a nice flawless finish with medium to full coverage, which is perfect for my acne scarring.
  • Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Pinkerbell (968) | $1.99 | link: I had been searching absolutely everywhere for this shade in my area (it’s one of the newer Wet n Wild lipstick shades and no Walgreens, Walmart, CVS or Target received this color), but I was randomly at a Shopko and lo and behold…they had every single color that the lipstick comes in. …for further reference, just going there if I want something from Wet n Wild. Wasted all my gas too (T_T) I have quite a bit of these and I think they’re great lipsticks for the price, all matte, pigmented, quite long-lasting and under $2.
  • MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 2 | £1 | link: Another random addition to my cart along with the bronzer - more colorful liners are always needed.
  • Milani Color Play Felt-Tip Liquid Pens in Pink Point (03), Blue Definition (02), and Black Line (01) | $6.99 | link: This is a limited edition release that I have been searching for since early August after seeing G’s review of the pens. I found mine in Walgreens, but for now they’re still available on the Milani website as I linked. I’ve only used the blue one and swatched the pink one and THEY ARE GLORIOUS OKAY they do not move on my upper lash line at all during the day and I have oil slicks for lids. love love love
  • MUA 12 Shade Poptastic Palette | £4 | link: It was colorful so I bought it. And I needed to balance out my neutrals palette purchase. …yep.
  • MUA 12 Heaven and Earth Palette | £4 | link: This is supposed to be a dupe of the Naked 1 (or 2??) palette and I already own the Naked 1 palette but if you have been following PD for a while, you might know that I adore and must collect all the neutrals ever. It’s so pretty. ;A;

I’m done buying stuff for a while. Like always, drop an ask and request away! Toodles~

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