Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil Review

Chi-Chi & I are best makeup buddies for a lot of reasons, one of which is we share the same brain without realizing it and end up buying the same things without consulting each other — even though we have vastly different skin types. It makes for interesting phone conversations, and helps us determine what works for what skin type. What works for me, doesn’t work for her, so on. This cleansing oil seems to defy that rule though, because we’re both totally obsessed with this product. Detailed review from both of us after the jump!

Arabelle: I have acne prone, combination skin — right now it’s really oily because summer, in winter it’s very dry. I’ve been struggling with acne this summer more than usual and I’ve had to completely adjust my skin regimen here in Taipei to combat it. I’ve been using this oil for the past two months, and I love it both for taking off my makeup and deep cleaning my pores really gently. It’s kind of gross how deep it gets into my pores and cleans them — if you really massage it into your skin for about a minute or two, you can actually feel little globules of gross dirt being lifted out of your pores, very gently.

Using cleansing oils instead of your traditional liquid cleansers takes some adjusting because the texture is very different — this stuff doesn’t foam or lather, and when I started using it I used way too much at a time because I thought it should lather or something. Nope, one squirt is more than enough, and it will remove ALL of your makeup (even the waterproof stuff) with no effort and clean your face as well, and is so gentle, my face doesn’t feel tight or anything after cleansing. That is a good sign; if your face feels tight or squeaky or filmy it means you are using the wrong cleanser. I don’t get anything like that with this. I’m smitten. 

Chi-Chi: I have combination skin that leans heavily towards oily, especially through the summer. I also would sort of consider my skin to be acne prone, but I have gotten my breakouts under control except for hormonal breakouts, which I just expect and deal with as they come. I have used this cleansing oil on and off for the last two years after deciding to switch up my cleansing routine to see (at that time) whether doing something different while cleansing would help my acne. In short, it completely did, this cleanser really does clean deep into the pores and takes off all of the makeup (dirt, grime etc) that ends up on your face after each day.

As Arabelle said, you really do not need a lot of this product for it to work its magic; one single pump should be able to cleanse the whole face, including light to medium heavy eye makeup (including waterproof). When I am wearing full-on eye makeup, I will take the half a pump of the oil on a cotton pad, press gently on the eye with the cotton pad for about 15 to 20 seconds and wipe off - it minimizes the amount of tugging and rubbing you do around the eye area and takes off the makeup efficiently and easily. I know that sometimes people worry that cleansing oils will make oily or combination-oily skin become more oily, and this is completely not the case with this cleansing oil. After using it, the skin feels normal (not tending towards dry or oily), and it feels…refreshed? Yes. Refreshed. Again, as Arabelle said, your skin should not feel tight, filmy, dry or too oily after cleansing; if it does, you’re using the wrong cleanser!

It really feels like we’re parroting each other with our reviews, but it’s one of the best cleansing oils we have every tried, and from two different sides of the skin profile spectrum (oily to dry), we really enjoy the product! It is a complete and total recommendation.

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