Do you have any suggestions/tutorial links for eyebrow shading? I've learned how to tweeze mine quite well, but I'm not sure what the best pencils are to buy for creating a natural thicker, darker look. Tips?

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I think it’s more important to find a shade of pencil that matches you than the brand of pencil. Find a shade that suits you — nothing too light, 2 shades lighter than your brows or a shade darker at most. Anastasia is known for their excellent eyebrow products, and with good reason. Now, I personally prefer brow powder, because that way you can mix and match different ones to find the perfect shade. This Too Faced Kit is awesome. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on that stuff — I think the NYX Brow Cake Powder is my favorite brow product and I use it on shoots all the time, because it comes in a multitude of ranges. Don’t use the brushes that come with it though, they suck. 

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