Hey Arabelle ! :) Gooood evening 0: I've never ventured into the world of stunningly gorgeous yet slightly off kilter lip colours, (yes I am speaking of the "odder" colours like blue or yellow and I suppose for me, black...) as I've been a bit shy if not a little afraid of what my friends might think (for shameeee I knooow!) So I was wondering if you could recommend your favourites in blue, green, and violet...I'm sorry if this is a bit abrupt x) I just thought you'd be the gal to ask <3

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What a sweetie! Yes, I’ve got you covered — I mean, most of my FOTD's are with some strange lip color! I did a post for Girl Guts you’d find useful, it’s my favorite strange lip colors, including blue and purple.  

I highly recommend OCC Lip Tar, it’s my favorite lip product and I have many of them. I also think you would like Portland Black Lipstick Company, and if you can can afford it, Illamasqua has awesome pigmented lip colors though they are harder to work with than others I’ve tried (unusual colors make it worth it though).

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