C - could you clarify what you mean about the Clarisonic (and over-exfoliation) not helping/making your acne scarring worse? I have one but haven't used it yet, and am also working on getting rid of acne scarring. Does exfoliating do more harm than good when it comes to scars?

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Sure! I don’t mean that over-exfoliating would make scarring worse, it’s just not good for your skin to exfoliate too much. By exfoliating, you’re taking off the top layer of your skin…but you don’t want to do that too many times since your skin needs time to heal and repair. However, since exfoliating does take off the top layer of your skin, doing it consistently should actually help your scarring since scars are in the deeper layers of your skin.

(Note: I’m not a dermatologist, so this is all my opinion from what I’ve researched as I battle my acne scarring.)

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