i started using an acne cleaner call Skin Success by Palmers and it has salicylic acid and i don't know if it's good for sensitive skin. I haven't noticed anything bad happening to my skin but i'm still really scared of it. What do you think?

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Salicylic acid, along with benzoyl peroxide, are two of the most popular and easily accessible treatments for mild to moderate acne. Neither of these active ingredients are particularly ‘good’ for sensitive skin, but if your skin isn’t reacting badly to it and you see results with the product, continue to use it. If your skin decides it doesn’t like the product, abandon that product ship immediately and try something else. Nothing you put on your skin should make you feel uncomfortable.

We’ve both used acne treatments in various forms with salicylic acid and have had no adverse effects, but that doesn’t really mean anything since as we try to stress time and time again, everyone’s skin is different.

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