revlon lip butters vs kissable balm stain for moderately dry lips? the butters have worse pigmentation, i was wondering whether you think the balm stains are better value for money because you could just use a lip balm with them, or just go with one of the butters with better pigmenation because they do vary...

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Hmm. I’m on the fence about this. My lips are usually dry during the fall/winter months, so I haven’t tested how moisturizing the balm stains are during that time since they haven’t been out that long. In general, when I wear both products without a lip balm (which happens rarely since I use lip balm with almost everything for the SPF factor), the lip butters are marginally more moisturizing. That said, either the lip butter formula works for people or it doesn’t, so I can’t predict whether it will work for you.

The pigmentation for both the lip butters and balm stains vary greatly, so it depends on what color you’re looking for. I own eight lip butters (my swatches are in the Revlon tag) and three balm stains, and both products have some great pigmentation and…pigmentation that is saddening.

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