My first impression of the Sigma Performance Eyes Kit | $55 USD - link

This is actually my first set of semi-professional brushes, and I really like them for the most part. I felt that my current eye brushes were limiting my makeup creativity and having the creative goddess known as Arabelle as your friend makes you want to be creative too. :3

On each of the the brushes, it has the name and number of each brush engraved on each handle. Initially, it came packaged in a clear plastic bag with all of the papers pictured and the free gift with the purchase, which was a travel sized E11 Eye Liner brush.

The set includes (description source from the Sigma site - my comments are in italics):

E11 - Eye Liner: Use with gel or cream liner to create detailed and artistic effects. This is a good eyeliner brush if you are really good at applying eyeliner precisely. I would not recommend this brush necessarily for beginners of more detailed eyeliner. It also depends on your preference of brush for applying eyeliner (like angled eyeliner brush v. thin eyeliner brush v. flat eyeliner brush).
E36 - Blending: Precise blending of powder products onto small areas of the eye. This is a decent blending brush, but I wish it was a little bit more firmer. It’s quite soft, but I feel like it’s too soft, especially when I want to get a really gradual gradient effect with my eyeshadow.
E17 - Waterline Liner: Apply cream or gel liners onto the lower waterline. …I haven’t used this yet. At all. But like the Tightline Liner brush, it looks like it would do it job just as well.
E46 - Shader - Inner Corner: Apply highlight shades onto the inner corner of the eye. I don’t particularly use this brush for the inner corner, but I do use it sometimes on the outside third of my eye to apply shadow to start to create a cat eye. I like the fact that you can use a couple of these brushes for a variety of things.
E56 - Shader - Lid: Controlled application of  color onto precise areas of the lid. This is my second favorite brush in the set. It applied color consistently on my lid and fits my shape of eye perfectly.
E16 - Tightline Liner: Press gel, cream or liquid products onto the upper lash line.  Fill in the space between lashes. This is an amazing type of brush. It’s a small, flathead brush that fits perfectly underneath my eyelid when I tightline with my gel liner.
E47 - Shader - Crease: Application of deep shades onto the crease. This is my favorite brush in the set. This is the first brush that I have purchased that actually fits in my crease and makes applying color quite easy.
E21 - Smudge: Precise application and smudging of color onto the upper and lower lash lines. I like the density of the brush and how small it is.

Would I recommend this set? Absolutely! I think it’s a good set for people who want to take their eye makeup to the next level and don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a good brush set. Admittedly, this isn’t the most affordable set of brushes on the market, but compared to other brands, it’s a great deal (8 brushes at $55 USD - about $6.88 a brush). The quality of the brushes definitely make it a set that you should consider. Toodles~

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