i've heard that some bb creams have an ingredient that causes cancer in rats (however, it isn't linked to cancer in humans). because of this, some are not sold in various countries. do you know anything about this?

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Hmm. Where are you hearing this from? Can you link me to a source? A study? I haven’t heard this at all and I keep up on my makeup news, especially when it comes to BB creams, my 1 true luv.

I think you might be referring to parabens though. And if so, that rumor mill has definitely jumped the gun. I’ll copy the text directly from the beauty/science book I’m reading:

There was a study done in 2002 “that evaluated the estrogenic activity of parabens in human breast-cancer cells. The very technical findings of the study, which involved both oral administration and injection into rat skin, did show evidence of a weak estrogenic effect on cells in a way that could be problematic for binding to receptor sites that may cause proliferation of MCF-7 breast-cancer cells… the researchers who are studying this issue, as well as health organizations around the world, agree that the information to date is hardly conclusive and at best vague, and that potentially parabens require more study (Sources: Journal of Applied Toxicology, January–February 2004, pages 1–4, September–October 2003, pages 285–288, and March–April 2003, pages 89–59; and Journal of the National Cancer Institute, August 2003, pages 1106–1118).

Later on in the book it was concluded that parabens are used at such a minute level in cosmetics that even daily use would not seriously harm humans. In a 2005 study, it was concluded implausible that parabens could increase the risk associated with exposure to estrogenic chemicals.”

So you don’t have to worry. It’s basically all fear mongering hype to get you to buy paraben free products, which just means they lack a preservative/stabilizer that makes your makeup and/or skincare last a little longer. 

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