For the skin discoloration ask: I used to have the same problem. I've found that using fresh lemon juice on my face in the mornings, followed with a lotion (with SPF), the discoloration is almost gone. Lemon juice will naturally, and safely lighten most dark spots or discolorations on skin :)

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re: solving acne discoloratio/hyperpigmentation

This is why Powder Doom readers are the best, within 15 minutes there were so many recommendations! Here are all of the reader suggested options (cannot personally vouch for any of these suggestions):

  • Exfoliation and sunscreen with physical ingredients (basic yet important)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Proactiv Solution Dark Spot Corrector (this contains hydroquinone) and generally eating healthier/better
  • Bio-Oil and/or Coconut Oil
  • Mederma Scar Gel
  • (for scarring in general) Vitamin E Oil
  • (prescription) Aczone Gel

I’ll edit this post with more suggestions as they come in.

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