I notice you're not a fan of make up wipes, so what's your evening make up removal routines? I always manage to splash the vanity, so is there a mess-free way to get the job done?

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Let me clarify: I’m totally ok with makeup wipes, but they certainly shouldn’t be your entire skin regimen — ever! That was the question, if it’s ok to use them as a skin regimen. It’s not really a good idea. Wipes are good in a pinch but using them to both wipe off all of your makeup and expect it to also clean your face is asking a lot from them. They’re good for wiping off some of your makeup, but I think it’s pretty foolish to think they’ll deep clean and get everything off if you use a lot of products like foundation, blush, primer, mascara, eyeshadows, etc. And if you are using them consistently in place of actually deep cleaning your face with a cleanser, think of all the buildup of makeup you’re leaving on your face. Not pretty.

Removal should be a thorough and step by step process. Also when you use makeup wipes you’re tugging on your skin, which just makes it more likely that you’ll get wrinkles and irritate your skin. 

My current makeup removal routine does actually include makeup wipes, but they are just part of the process. I use Pond’s Cold Cream to remove my face makeup, wipe the cold cream off with makeup wipes. For eye makeup, I soak two cotton pads with eye makeup remover, and leave them on my eyelids for about ten seconds. That way I don’t have to tug or wipe harshly at my eyelids — the makeup just slides off onto the pads. Then I go make sure I didn’t miss anything with remover soaked q-tips. After that, I use Deep Cleansing Oil to remove any last traces of makeup I missed and wash my face. 

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