i've recently bought a clinique cleanser and overnight it made my skin break out into little bubbles of puss on the surface and made my pores bigger, i know that some people say that your skin goes through a purge of all the nastiness but is this a myth? should i stop before it gets worse or should i wait it out for at least a week or two? the cleanser is for dry/ sensitive skin which i think i have but i am prone to constant breakouts.

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honestly i would stay well away from clinique skincare products — they have a long history of being bad and everyone i know who has tried it has hated them. one of my friends is studying makeup chemistry and thinks their product ingredients are totally horrifying. i remember the last time i checked their formulations one of their toners contained ACETONE???????????????? or some other horrifying product i don’t want on my pores… totally bizarre.

you should just stop.if something breaks you out you should just stop using it.

(edit by Chi-Chi: AMEN TO THIS their ~*three step routine*~ stuff ruined both my mother’s face and mine. boo hiss stay away never recommended)

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