DIY: Lipstick for Every Day of the Week



Today I found a recipe online for do-it-yourself lipstick made from crayons, so Katy and I decided to try making some. I’ve been coveting lipsticks in cool and unusual colors, and using crayons lets you easily make almost any color imaginable without having to figure out pigments or dyes. The recipe is really simple and it only took a few minutes to make each lipstick. Almost all the ingredients can be found in a drug store (although you might have to look in a health food store for shea butter) and some of the stuff you might already have at home, like crayons and oil (we substituted olive oil for jojoba oil since we already had some on hand). We had a hard time finding zinc oxide until we learned that it’s used to treat diaper rash and sometimes poison ivy—so look in the baby care isle or with other first-aid ointments. Everything should be pretty inexpensive, except for the shea butter which cost us $11 for a jar. However, even a small jar is enough to yield dozens of different lipsticks so it’s definitely worth it.

The crayons we picked were Crayola Metallic FX, which have a really nice fine silver glitter in them. We followed the basic recipe but added Vitamin E and zinc oxide ointment. We also bought a couple of small baking tins for less than $2 which made it easy to melt our ingredients together.

The best part of this project was the containers we used: day-of-the-week pill storage containers. They cost less than a dollar, are just the right size for the amount of lipstick the recipe makes, come in different colors, and are a really cute way to hold a bunch of different colors. They look awesome and are the perfect way to store your new lipsticks. We both thought these would make a good gift, too.

Here’s myself and Katy lookin fine in our new lipstick:



(Lipstick recipe credit to belsey)

we’re great 

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