Have you tried anything by the drugstore brand Hard Candy? If so, do you think it's a good option for people on a budget? (I checked your tags, but couldn't find anything). I'm swearing by their liquid eyeliner right now because it's the only drugstore brand I own that doesn't irritate my eyes, but I don't know about their foundation or their other makeup items. Thoughts?

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I do have some Hard Candy products — their blush sticks and their concealer. I like their blush sticks a lot, the concealer is a dupe of Kat Von D’s concealer and some people totally love it but it doesn’t match my skin tone and I find it difficult to work with. I am not particularly impressed by their eyeshadows. I have only tried a handful of their products but I do think they have nice things, if you pick and choose. MusingsofaMuse has a comprehensive Hard Candy tag I think, I was introduced to the brand through her blog.

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