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I bought some mascaras on impulse from Medusa’s Makeup because I was so inspired by my beautiful friend Alex’s GPOY with purple mascara. In total they were about $21— there was a deal for $15 for all of the mascaras and shipping was $6.95 and they arrived in 4 days, which was nice. 

Sorry for the weird example photos, I put on some glitter liner from NYX but it photographed weird. I’m not a fan the NYX Glitter Liners anymore I think, they don’t last very long and don’t look nice in these photos! But the point of this post is mascara so let me get back to it:

Here are some quick swatch looks with Majestic and Envy, the purple and green ones.  I initially only wanted to buy the purple one but I think Envy shows up more on my eyelashes. I’ll do looks with the rest of the mascaras in the future. For $5 a pop they’re totally worth it if you like strange colored mascaras, though I do think you need to layer a bit. The brush was better than I expected, too. 

Here is some background on Medusa’s Makeup if you’re thinking about purchasing from them:

  • They are PETA certified and don’t test on animals.
  • Their pressed eyeshadows are simply repackaged eyeshadows i.e they don’t make them themselves, they buy them from a private label manufacturer (as do several other ‘indie’ brands). That being said, their eye dusts are also suspected of being repackaged but i’m not sure. 
  • They make their lipglosses and mascaras themselves in their own factory and some of their other products too. You can see swatches of a lot of their products on Phyrra’s blog.

What I’m wearing besides the mascara: OCC Foxfire, Aromaleigh Estranged, Tarina Tarantino Hyperliner, NYX Glitter Liner.

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