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Thinking of doing some tutorials for PD on makeup basics — would you be into that or more Fashion Week Inspired looks? And photo or video? Which do you find most helpful — especially on Tumblr as a platform? 

Let us know in the reply box what you’d like to see from us the most and I’ll try to get to the most requested look & whatnot ASAP. 

x Arabelle

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  1. rectumofglory answered: learning how to blend? i’m so clueless with makeup so idk if that’s a thing but blending eyeshadow/foundation/etc would be great :D
  2. lovenikkicia answered: A very very cute style :)
  3. distructi0n-biatch answered: daily makeup ideas that are eyes catchers
  4. unboocomingbitch answered: Blush tutorials for different face shapes would be fantastic.
  5. nkue answered: Basics x
  6. piaisabeli answered: Any way works. YT’s great but don’t upload videos directly on Tumblr! Takes forever to load. Fashion Week Inspired looks please. Thank you!
  7. kayoanaa answered: I would like the Fashion Week ….
  8. nakhla123 answered: no
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  10. goodmorning-postcards answered: I’d love a tutorial on inequal eyebrows (how to fill them with make-up but still looking natural etc…)
  11. katydidnot answered: photos/either way
  12. mikla answered: "Everyday" eye makeup looks that are a little original. Something wearable, but still creative and fun to put on.
  13. uselesslessons answered: basics and video please!
  14. ehnadaystuttered answered: I’ve been looking everywhere, trying to figure out a way to do a very subtle cat-eye, but I can only find tutorials for big ones. Tips?
  15. chaosandreign answered: Three words…Cream Bronzer Tutorial…
  16. zowz answered: i’d like to see Pd makeup basics and fashion week to
  17. nue-sur-la-lune answered: I personally prefer video tutorials.
  18. lipstickkissesandinfinitewishes answered: Winged eyeliner tutorial.
  19. sleep-for-a-thousand-years answered: I BADLY NEED ONE FOR OILY SKIN! I live in Honduras and it gets very hot in here but we dont have that many products to choose from..
  20. alieniloquy answered: bronzer
  21. flopitron answered: more theatrical lip tutorials! like gold on cupid’s bow, or making them pointy, or erasing them and giving them another shape, etc <3
  22. time-bombhood answered: video on both
  23. archives answered: I like video and photos! Basics are good especially blush application..!
  24. dreamingoftherain answered: Basics. Handy techniques, useful tips. Alot of the basics that everyone thinks we should know how to do… but honestly have no idea how to.
  25. maimaimaiii answered: Fashion Week Inspired Looks! I’d say video tutorials since I know photo tutorials can be time consuming and can miss out of steps in between
  26. semperjiaxin answered: I think a great tutorial video would be one exposing makeup mistakes….ranging from too much bronzer or just make up brush hygiene.
  27. 2127komododragon answered: both styles& photo format! thank you <3
  28. muah-gabrielle answered: I feel as if photos are more simple and easy…i really dont like watching videos.
  29. brezzyyyyyy answered: I would love to see how to ensure your eyeliner stays and doesnt smudge! <3
  30. underrtheeboardwalkk answered: Basics/Video.
  31. popca answered: videos of makeup basics!
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